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Neil and Alice's first Thanksgiving together!

Ohhh! Here's burn turkey???

Nah!!! Neil cooked grill smoked turkey.. he cooked the turkey for all the night!!!! It was a black turkey in the morning... but it was very delicious.. just taste like grilled smoke turkey... YUMMMY!!! WANNA COME OVER AND GRAB SOME? LOL!

Ready to steal turkey!!!

after Neil cut the turkey meat!!! Come on and help me steal the grilled smoke turkey meat, please? SHHH!!! lol!! lol!!!!


Neil stole my wishbone "BONE" treat.... (Growling, whimperin').. Look at Neil's face expression!!! He is scared that I will bite his butt, get him give my FAVORITE BONE treat! lol!! Am I bad dog? (Whimpering) LOL!!!!

Yummy Thanksgiving Dinner!!!! :-)

Come over and having a party with us! LOL!!!

Neil cooked most of these foods, Alice helped Neil some of these foods to cook... Smiles!


Neil bought smoke grill to cook turkey or ham or any meats... Neil cooked this turkey in smoke grill for our 2000 thanksgiving! delicious turkey!

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