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Went to hospital on October 30, 2001

So, had to stay overnight - my midwife could put medicine inside me to see if it would work to dilate cm - it doesn't work at all - only 1 cm dilated.. I look so awful and tired on Halloween day. Neil stay with me through the whole labor time - He's real supportive husband and helped me alot through this..

After water broke

3 cm dilated on halloween late afternoon - my midwife told me to use labor ball for excerise - it helps to get my cm dilating - finally 3 cm - she broke my water. 5 cm finally came up - it was very painful - decided to get epidural shots - helped me to relax and painless...

We was planning to have a natural birth - it doesn't work at all... Cuz' 5 cm dilated - not changing at all, baby's head can't go through my cervix - due to baby's head moved to my pelvic bone herself.. had to do c-section surgery necessary - I have been in Labor for two days - 38 hours 18 min.

Uncle to be and Grandma to be

They are waiting for a newborn baby coming out from my stomach- they can't wait to meet their new granddaughter and niece.. My mom and Neil's mom paged each other - Since Neil's mom is in New Mexico - wanna to know what's going on.

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