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Sitting on daddy's shoulder.. (about 5-6 months old)

Daddy play games on the computer, His girl wanna to sit on his shoulder and playing with his soft hair..

Hey, It's me there!!!

Cilla loves to look herself in mirror

Priscilla in Basket (10 1/2 months old)

She did jumped in a basket herself.. SOO FUNNY!!!!!!

Dancing, Clapping, and Waving!!!

Waiting for u guys!!!

To take me to Picnic!! HAHA!!

Daddy's little girl

Cilla gave Daddy a cute smile face express...

Mommy and Daddy kissed me!


Daddy and Cilla are playing!!

They had fun times together!

Daddy and Mommy

They loved each other very much!!!

Look at Cilla!!

She started to sign "mom, dad, cookie, what," She's only 10 1/2 months old and learned everything very quickly.. She started to pick a book which she wanted and bring it to me and she wanted me to read her every night before she goes to bed... Also, she knew how to turn water faucet on in bathtub, even knew how to pull the drawer out... Right now, she is running around.. I have to chase her everywhere to wear me out!! HA.. LOL...

She wanna mommy

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