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Got this free new tshirt from Finley's FunCenter.

Look at my cool tshirt, I am going back to jump in and playing with colorful balls... SMILE!

Three of us!

Me, 12 months old, Kaitlyn, 7 months old, and Jordan, 8 months old.

Cameron and me

We are playing together a lot.. He's fun to be with.

So Cute!!

My grandma hugged Cameron.

My grandpa, (Mommy's dad) and Cameron

Cameron is soooo silly!! HA!

Me, Ryan, and Cameron

I am ready to run away from this red car!....

My grandma and me

Daddy and Mommy are ready to go and take me to Fall Festival at EKU for Yummy Chili supper, My birthday party is over... I am very worn out but had a lot of fun to playing and had a good time at my 1st birthday party, got a lot of beautiful gifts from wonderful friends and families....

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