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I was born on August 22nd 2001 in County Galway Ireland. I was only one week old when my adopted mammy and daddy first saw me for the first time. When daddy picked me up it felt nice and I gave him a lick. That was it.... Love at first lick.....

My mammy is called Anne and my Daddy is called Kevin. This is a photo of them at mammy's school reunion.


Most nights I sleep in my very own bed with a hot water bottle that mammy fills for me. She wraps it in a blanket and puts it into my bed. It's lovely….. Sometimes if I'm very good or if I'm scared mammy and daddy let me sleep in their bed. . I love that.




Me Just after waking up!! I'm not a morning dog!
I love my food and even though I'm tiny I eat lots. My favourite treats are munchies. Mammy gives me than when she has to brush my hair I HATE getting my hair brushed !!! Its yucky!!!Daddy loves playing with me. I have a toy rabbit that I love to play tug of war with. Daddy holds one end and I pull on the other.
Yummie!!!! Yuckie!!!!
On Sundays Mammy and Daddy bring me for a long walk on the prom in Salthill after feeding the swans.Then we go to the beach and play catch that's great fun. When we come back from that I have my bath. I have lots of toys that I play with in the bath. After my bath I go for a little sleep on mammy's lap in front of the heater.


My Friend the Swan!

I have a little human friend called Niall. He lives in a place far away called Tipperary.
Sometimes when we go to my other granddads house I get to play with Niall. He plays ball with me and pick me up and rubs me lots. Sometimes Niall and his mammy Kay come to visit me in Galway. I like that too cause I get spoiled then.

Niall Photo
Sometimes friend Charlie, who is a boy Jack Russell, comes to visit me. He lives with Granny and Grandad in a house around the corner. Charlie and I have great fun playing chase and playing with the ball. Charlie is a lot older than me so often I let him win otherwise he might get cross and go home.
My Pal Charlie

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