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Hhhheeeeeyyyyyy! Hey! Welcome to my little online creation. I just finished working on it for a really really long time, so, 6 days, 3 bags of cheese popcorn, 15 Dilbert mints, and 1 two letre bottle of Coke later, I hope you enjoy the site.

PleASe SiGN dA GueSTBooK BeFORe yOu LeAVe.

NEW PAGE ALERT - Check out, Miramichi, Brand New Test Resultz, Dad's Page, A Brand New Journal, and Pets. WORKING ON - (Pics) Meg Through The Years.

SiGn Da GuEsTbOoK!

SiGn Da GuEsTbOoK!

If you have any suggestions on what I can do with this site, or if you just wanna say hi, email me!

Night's Child 28217014

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