You are inside my mind...a dark, scary place...
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Gosh darn, i never do this anymore, but i wanted to shout out to everyone before i leave on the to me before i go!!!!

*~Updates as of Sept 21~*

Daily Journal

*~About This Page~*

This page has been through a lot...mostly neglect lately, but i'm gonna try to update it often from now on so you guys can have an idea of what my college life is like....that's if you yeah, from now on, everything that's already here will still be here, plus some stuff i'm learning about life outside of north brunswick and obviously how much i miss all of you!!!! keep in touch!!!!

*~About Me~*

I'm a pretty easygoing person, indecisive almost all of the time despite how it aggravates some people, hehe. At least i finally made up my mind about one thing, and that's the person i want to be with most of all - my georgie! and he knows it too, dont think this is a surprise or to what i want to do with my life as far as a career?? no idea, but i'm open to suggestions :) now onto my likes and dislikes....people who try to be something they're not. It's just annoying. Don't try so hard. It's not necessary. Be yourself and the people that matter will inevitably stick by you. I live and breathe music. playing, singing, listening, it's all good. i like to type in lowercase letters. I like hanging out...who doesnt? call me. we'll do lunch. I hate being bored. I like talking on the phone and on the internet. i like to write, when it's something that matters to me, like this site....see all the writing? and i dont mind a bit of it. and oh yeah, one more thing, I probably like you, so if you need me, dont be afraid to talk to me!

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*~Vital Information for Your Everyday Life~*

Everything works out for the best in the end, even if it seems like what's happening is the end of the world. The people you think will always be there for you arent always the people you stick by forever and ever and ever, and sometimes they are, so choose your friends wisely.

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