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~!*¤LaUrEnZ PaGe¤*!~

*Hey my name is LaUrEn StEffY*!! I'm 15 and I have brown hair with blonde highlights*!! I'm 5'2 Yeah I know i'm short haha*!!! I'm a Sophmore at MVTHS!!!!! Its AWESOME*!!! I'm single! I'm a JV basketball cheerleader!!! I'm a christian and I LOVE JESUS*!!! I have msn my e-mail is I also have icq*!!! Welpz i'm gonna say hey to my friends now*!!!


~!*¤JeSsIcA YoUnGs¤*!~

Hey chick*!!! Ur my bestest friend ever*!! Ur sooo awesome and I hope we stay friends foreva*!! Ur sooo funnyyy*!! We've had sooo many awesome times like.. Stinky Stations*! FFI!!! Lil Rizzos*! Chubby*!!! SS*! UR a Fat ONE hah*!! OUr cottage cheese song hah*!!! Coat!!!! That isn't a boat that is a raft*!!! Gosh there r sooo many more but it would take to long to name them*!!! Thanks for always being there for me u don't know how much it means to me*!!I'll always be here for u no matter what! Stay sweet LUv-ya chick!

~!*¤KaYlA AlViS¤*!~

OMG ur sooooo awesome*!! I'm glad we have became better friends*!!Ur like one of my bestest friends now*!! Ur sooo funny*!!! Our song is the best and sooo is our dance haha*! We r soo cool me u and rachel walked to McDonalds haha*!!! UR change purse haha*!!!! Ur gonna be a pilot sooo ur gonna go to the national guard so they can play for ur college haha*!! OOO and i'm going to st.louis haha*!!! Man we know who is hott daniel martin hahah!! OOo have u walked to k*mart lately*! haha*!! I hope we stay good friends cuz ur awesome*!!! Man ur a pig*!! No we don't have any milk i'm sorry*!! BAT*!!! Buff -n- Stuff*! K-ster! Man ur crazY*!!! The coyotes!!! MAN i was scared*!! Is this comfortable for u hahah NO*!!! We wanted to go to the game cuz of me not u me*!! LIAR*!!! Word your mom*!! OMG u crack me UP*!!!! MY baseball bat*!!! BARBI!!! Scumbucket loser haha*!! OO MAN*! Do u want some chocolate cake sorry we don't have any hahahaha*! OMG haha*! I buzzin away like a bee*!! O LORDAY*! haha*! HORNDOG*! Cowgirl sheeze*!! We watched that movie 2 times in a row*!!! gosh darn rip my head off george*! BOONER*!!! hahahahaha u know wut we thought that was*! When u wer running and u hurt ur ankel!! wer like brother/sister*!!! U KNOw wut i mean*! don't tell me to shut uP*! U like BIG guys haha*! FAT ONES AT IT*! hahahahahaha O MAN*! gosh i can't spell i need some helP*! UR gettin married to toby keith cuz he looks like barbi u know who that is*! fUN FUN*! I have j.d drew then hahaha*! ME NOT U*! ME*! Oo gosh there is ooo many mOre!! Ur soo awesome and always ther for me and i'll always be here for u*!!! Luv-Ya

~!*¤KeNdRa PiGg¤*!~

HEYY CHICK*!! OMg we Have became like best friends I love ya sooo mUch!!! I don't know what i would do without u!! Gosh i can't believe u didn't see me fall gosh it hurt man that sucked*!! :( haha*!! Man spanish is sooo great haha not really but u know*!! Dang that haunted house was scary haha they kept following me I was like HELP*!!! hehe!!! REDRUM!! HOLY cow that movie was creepy haha!!! Stay sweet!! The ring!!! When ur mom almost ran off the roAD! 7 dayz!! haha!!! I LOVe uR DOG!! gosh Wer in the u know what club hahaha!!!!Shopping was GREAT!!! haha! I hope U know who doesn't beat us up!! haha!!! LUv-ya

~!*¤JeNnI SlEdGe¤*!~

Hey*!! Ur sooo awesome and funnyy*! Ur my idol haha*!! I'm glad we have became betta friends cuz ur like sooo cool*!!! OOO and it wasn't at the country club hah*! Do u have long skiny toes?? haha noooo jenni we said coat haha*!!! Remember wer neighbors haha not really but jacob doesn't know that!!!Ur soo sweet stay that waY!! Luv-ya chick!!

~!*¤BrOoKe JeNkInS¤*!~

Hey Twinkie*!! Well wut can i say WEr like best friends I love u sooo much gurl*! I don't know wut I would do without u!! We've had some really crazy times*!! Ur soo cool and crazy*!! Afrey*!! O SORRY*!! Did he just walk into that closet haha*! I'M TELLIN*!!! WE always hope no1 comes to gymnastics!! We will show u know whO WEr beTTEr haha!!! gosh and sooo Many more!!! Ur like my big sister I hope it always stays that waY!! NO more does our parents have to take us to gymnastics haha! YAY!!!! Stay Sweet LUV-YA!!!

~!*¤LaUrEn JeNkInS¤*!~

Omg gurl ur sooo awesome and one of my bestest friends*!! We have had some of the craziest times eva haha*!!! SpRiNg BrAkE*!! U wer looking at him too*!! POOp Face*!! And when amy peed in her pants when we wer golfing*!!! haha*!!! Katie and Casey*!! Gosh we suck at tennis*!! We had everyone laughing haha*!!! And when we wer in my room and that balloon popped haha*!! TaKE CoVER*!!! haha*!! Gosh there r soo many more good times and there r more to come*!! Don't forget me next year*!! Luv-ya

~!*¤DeNaE JoNeS¤*!~

Hey gurl*!!King size*! Ur sooo funny*!! R dance is cool*!! I'm glad we have became betta friends I hope we stay that way*!!! Gosh we did some cool stuff at the end of that cheer*!! Thy stand haha*!!! NUGGIN*!!! Dingy DenAe*!! LaMo Lauren*!! hahah*!!! OOO and wer hyper sisters haha*!!! Gosh they just had to do that in front of us haha*!! We have problems with smelling hair haha*!! JEEPERS CREEPERS*!! ALADIAN*!! DRUG LORD*! WE TOASTED HIS ASS*! HAHA*!!! That is my cousin NOO denae its not haha*! YES IT IS*!! U crack me up maNN*! haha*!! Thoes chicken tenders u made wer awesome*!!! Vin Deasel OMG man wut a hottie haha*!! STUFFED ANIMALS!! OMG THAT WAS SOOOOOO FUNNY*!!! My screen broke haha*! OOPPPS*!! Sperm Whale*! haha*! UR soooo funny*! Luv-Ya

~!*¤AmAnDa BrAdDy¤*!~

Hey chick*!! I've known u since I have been like 2 haha*!! Ur sooo awesome and I'm glad wer still friends*!!! Ur soo funny and cool*!! I hope we stay friends next year*!!! WE wer awesome dancing with the little kids at the wedding*!!!! haha*!!!! Thanks for always being there for me I don't know what I would ever do without u*!!! Luv-ya

~!*¤RaNdA HaYeS¤*!~

Heyy*!! Ur sooo cool and soo funny*!!! Ur my other idol*!! U and jenni r*!! I'm glad wer friends cuz ur sooo awesome*!! I felt bad for u at the wedding u looked like u wer tired from taking all those gifts haha*!!! Have u played sims lately*!! hahaha*! U should have went to see halloween with us*!!! NOOOO*!! haha*!! I hope we stay friends next year*!! Luv-Ya

~!*¤ChElSeA LoVe¤*!~

Hey gurl*!! Ur crazy and sooo awesome*!! I'm glad wer betta friends*!! I hope we stay friends*!! Gosh that chocolate milk tasted like crap hah*! And ur tea haha 4 things of sugar*! Nubs is like the coolest word haha*!! We need to do something soon*!! Luv-Ya

~!*¤BrItTaNy BlAcK¤*!~

Heyy*!! I'm glad we r friends ur sooo funny and awesome*!!!! haha*!! Ur house is huge HOLY GOSH!!! hahahaha JeLLY BEANS goood gooood except that one u gave me LAuren try this haha*!!! Kayla go in the other room! haha!!! My camera likes u haha it doesn't work for me!! English is great haha except that movie gosh talk bout weird haha!!!! Yeah we know where the print shop is haha NOT!!! Stay Sweet Luv-ya gurl*!

~!*¤ChElSeA FlOtA¤*!~

Heyy*!!! Super Size!! Ur a great friend and I hope we stay close*!! Ur soo funny*!! LIKe A poNy*!! Thats not mine haha*!! Good luck with rockin rams*!! We need to do something soon*!! Luv-Ya chick*!!!

~!*¤BrOoKe KrAmEr¤*!~

HeYY*!! I spelled it right haha*!! wow*!! Ur soo awesome I've known u foreva i'm glad ur still friends haha*!!! Ur sooo funny*!!!! Thanks for always being there for me*!! TWIN*!!! Bored sistas*!! And hyper sister*!! Dingy Denae Lamo Lauren*!! I"M the dog*!!! hehehehe*!! My letter omg that was sooo funny*!! I just saw a shooting star not really i'm lying cuz i'm inside hahah*!! MY eye thanks to mark haha gosh that hurt*!! Farts*!! SBD*!! haha*!!! don't run into the poll*!! haha*!!! Easy MAC wasn't mine the best haha*! OMG we have had like the bestest time lately! shut up ur fAt haha!!!! She is bout to make me bust I just want to hit her sooooo hard haha!!!! Yeah u know who!!! U crack me up! when u just started goin off on the interneT!!! OOOO MY gurl ur sooo funnnY!!! Luv-Ya

~!*¤LiNdSaY PeAs¤*!~

HEYY*! Ur soo awesome and ur my big sister haha*!! I don't think that turtle liked that ribbon*!!! My mom wasn't a Lakers cheerleader either*!!! Ur sooo crazy just like me hahaha*!! I can't wait to be in highschool with ya ur awesome*!!! Luv-ya

~!*¤DaNa SmItH¤*!~

Heyy*!! Ur sooo funnny and awesome*!! I'm glad I met ya*!! I hope we stay friends next year*!!! When u did that impression of u know who dancing in chilis*!! haha*!! When ur mom wouldn't let u sit on the new furniture haha*!! OOOOO and she needs to shave her mustach*!!! hahaha*!! Ur crazy*!!! Luv-ya gurl*!!

~!*¤HaNnAh MaSoN¤*!~

Heyy*!! Ur sooo funnnyyy and crazy*!!! I'm glad wer friends and I hope we stay that way haha*! The rose haha that was sooo funny*!!! When that plaqe fell on my arm OMG that hurt soooo bad haha*!!! U say everyones name wrong but ooo well*!!! haha*!!! We freaked ourselves out with those goast stories hah*!! And that light*!! SBD*!! FARTS*!! haha*!!! When eric and Jordan scared me OOOO MY! The guessing game man wer goooD! Y is it all the way up here haha O gosh! haha! When u wer sending clay all of those emotions haha fun fun!!! MAC-n- CHEESE OMG wer OUt NOOOOOOOO! hahaha!!!!!Lets go ask jordan if he has some!! WE always have a blast together!!!!!! Luv-ya*!!

~!*¤EmIlY ShErMaN¤*!~

Hey gurl*!! Ur awesome*!! I'm glad wer good friends*!! Pearl Harbor*!! Whats chicken*!! U can't swim*!!! I don't understand this movie*!! Is that the dad haha*!! Good luck with eric Keep with him hes my best friend and hes great!!! stay sweet luv-ya!!

~!*¤MeGaN IvErS¤*!~

HEYY*!! Ur like the craziest person eva hahaha*!! BAT FrIEND*!! wer inside the jellyfish haha*!! Scooby Doo*!!! Horn dog haha*!! HOWDY PARTNER HAHA*!!! Is that a camera*!!! Megan ur gonna set my house on fire haha*! Tacos rock*!!! Is ur phone ringing*!! haha*!!! Ur awesome*!!! LUv-Ya*!!!

~!*¤WhItNeY BeViS¤*!~

HEYY*! ur my twin*!!! Ur sooo awesome*!! I'm glad wer still friends*!! I hope we stay friends through highschooL*!!!! The Cardinals game haha*!!!! Thanks for always being there for me*!! Ur crazy haha*!!!! Luv-Ya

~!*¤DaNa ClArK¤*!~

HEYY*!! Wisconsin was awesome*!!! HOTT GUYS Hahaha*!! Ur such a bad gurl haha*!!! Ur like one of my best friends I hope we stay that way*!!! I'm not gonna put our inside jokes on here cuz that would take hours haha*!!! Thanks for always being there for me*!!! Luv-Ya

~!*¤MaRy ScHaUbErT¤*!~

Hey chick*!! Ur a great friend haha*!! The ozarks was cool*!! Even tho ur raft almost killed us hahahaha*!!! Chubby and LIL Rizzos haha*!! HOpe we stay friends*!! Luv-ya

~!*¤TrAcI KrAmM¤*!~

Heyyy*! Ur like the sweetest person ever*!! I luv-ya to deatH*! Ur an awesome friend and one of my best ones*!! I hope we stay friends next year*!! U give the best advice too*!! haha LUV-Ya

~!*¤RaChEl MaRtIn¤*!~

HEYY chick*! I've known u forever ur like one of my best friends*!!! McDonalds haha Me u and kayla r like awesome*!!! Kaylas change purse hahah*!!! I hope we stay good friends forever*! Luv-Ya

~!*¤AuDrEy GiLlEsPiE¤*!

HEyy gurl!! We have became really really good friends! I don't know what I would do without ya! GOSh u just had to break that computer haha! Mike looked at us like we wer losErs haha! Do I just keep it like this hah!!! Gosh voice is sooo fUNny sittin by u! I brought some corn for popping u know wHo i'm talkin bout!! OO gosh! I swear mrs.hess hates me!!! OOO welllzz!! Ur a great friend Stay sweet! LIVER EWWW grossss! I thought i was gonna throw up!!! It smelled soooo baD! Man I hope we have bio together again!!! LUv-yA!!

~!*¤JuLi WiLLiS¤*!~

Hey skanksTa 2!! haha!!!! OOO man ur sooo awesome! You are my best friend and you always will be!!!!! Im soo glad a met u this year!! I don't know what i would do w/out You!! OMg lauren did u just see that he picked him Up WOW! haha! KILL HIM! WE really enjoy those wrestling meets haha!!!! :D U crack me UP the wall george!!!!!!! Pink Panther and Purple Turtle!!! Bud Smooty and Mud Pootie!!! SEEESAWWW HEEEEHAAAWWw haha!! OO my!!! Yeah yeah and no no!!!! A house with sugar on toP! haha! YUMMY!! U can run u can hide but u can't escape my love haha!!! WEr the bomb at bad mitten! OO yeah!!! HEre we go here we go here we go someone tell her to shut up! haha! Remember when I couldn't find my pen and it was on my lap the whole time OO gosh i'm dumb! TARZAN and JANE ooooooo MY!!!! WEr the crazy cool caTs!!! Scud!!! Snake and Ant. This outfit with this hair hello buh-bye i'm so at the mAll haha!! OOOO dude our pillow fights r like the best!!! YES I know u won haha! We named that rabbit george! He is coOL.. WHO wer we hiding from at the movies. We felt cool just sittin there waitin on that bench..haha!!! I came to be from a snake and a grasshopper haha OOO gosh!! Just keep swimming swimming swimming!! YOU cant eat me hahaha becuz you're on a diet! haha No one likes our movies but its okaY!! we have to make our music viedos! Ther gonna be awesome!! BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUP!! Skating is awesome we have to go again! Stay Sweet LUv-yA!

~!*¤AsHlEe BlAnKeNsHiP¤*!~

Heyyy ashwee roo! OHH gosh! Your a great friend and im sooo glad we are sooo close your one of my bestest friends and I don't know what I would do without you!! wE have to make our music viedos! I know i can't spell!! lauren put fridge..frige NOOOO lauren hahaa!! can mermaids have sex!! YAHH they can through ther bellybutton! haha! OOOO gosh Hey hannah come over here on your Lawnmooer!! OOOO goshhh!!! IM gonnna just go shag me some gas! OOo dear! Little Mermaid at 3 in the morning! ALso cute and fuzzy!! Skatin is awesome we have to go again!! Defiently NOT!! Jumping Jellyfish!! Im tooo fat to fit through that hole haha! FLOUNDER! SKUTTLE! WAAA WAAA WAAAA! yahh mann I totally fell out of that chair! That was GREAT!! Theres sooo many more but i can't think right now! STaY aWEsome!!

~!*¤JaCkElYn TrOtTeR¤*!~

Heyyyy chickAdEE!!! Omg we always laugh the whole time when wer togEther!!!! Ur a great friend!! I don't know what i would do without u! haha! WHen u wer hittin ur brother!! Don't pull a hillz haha!!! When u pushed mike down at the volleyball game OMG that was soooo FUnny i couldn't stop laughinG haha!!!! stay sweet!!!

I WaNt To SaY A BiG HeY To*

MaCkEnZie ThOmAs..DaNi FiNn..JeSsA Jo..CaSiE ByErLeY.. TrAcY VoRe..ChElSeA StAnArT..KaYlEe DyCuS..JaLeIgH McElHiNeY..LaCi McKeNzIe..AlEcIa ZiNkE..AmY HaWkInS..HaLeY SmItH..KoUrTnIe HuGhEs..NiKkI RaNdAlL..AsHli McCoY.. CaSeY ShErMaN..KrIsTi LyNn..JeNnY ShElToN..SaRaH HeStEr..SedRa PeArSoN..JeSsIcA CoPeLaNd..DaNiElLe SeAgRaVeS..MeGaN OlSoN..LaCiE MoRgAn..AmY DaNiElS..HaNnAh HaIlE..AmAnDa JouRdAn..KaItLiN FaRlEy.. AsHtOn TeRrY..JoRdAn McCoY..LaCeY PaRrIn..MaTtIe GuThRiE..TaYlOr HoRnUnG..RoSaNnA KrUg..MiMi CoAtS..AmBuR JoHnSoN..JoRdAn TaTe..AsHlEy OsBoRnE..AmY PuLlEy..LaUrA VoHlKeN..KrIsTiNa ViNcEnT..CoUrTnEy ViNcEnT..AlEx WiLsOn..AlEx ShErIdAn..ErIn ShIrLeY..SiGnEy PeArSoN..JeSsIcA JaCkSoN..MeAgAn BoDiNe..HoLlY LoCkHaRt..ChElSeY HiCkS..SiGnEy PeArSoN..MeLiSsA RiTcHeY..TaMiCa MiLlEr..KeRi RiGgS..WhItNeY FeAtHeR..NiKkI SiPe..KrIsTeN GiMmElL..AmBeR MeAdOr.. and Lots more if I forgot u tell me and i'll add ya*!!!!


~!*¤ClAy GiBsOn¤*!~

WEll... I really don't know what to say!! I'm glad wer still friends!! I'll always be here for ya!!! bye bye luv-ya!


OOO myyy! Trent u crack me up!! I'm soo glad that we have became such good friends! U'll always be my gianT!! OOOo and I Love the hair long haha LOL!! Luv-ya buddy!!

~!*¤ErIc SmAlLeY¤*!~

HEYY*! O gosh wut can I say*!! U have been like the best guy friend ever*!!! Ur always there for me no matter wut and I'll always be here for u*!! We r gonna stay friends forever I know it*!! Ur sooo awesome and soo funny*!!! Our hand shake is the coolest and I love u to death*!! Stay awesome and Sweet!!! luv-ya! bye bye*!!!

~!*¤AlEx RuWe¤*!~

HEY*!! OMg i've known u forever since we wer like 2 or 3 ur like my brother*!! Ur sooo awesome and funnY*!! I hope we stay good friends next year*! I'll always be here for u like u have been for me*!! Cheese Stairs haha OOO GOSH haha!!!

~!*¤DaNiEl LeMaY¤*!~

HEYY*!! OMg ur sooo awesome*!!! Ive known u and alex forever*!! Alex put u in the oven hahaha*!!! OMg that was great*!! We betta stay friends*!!! I love u danny boy haha*!! :D bye bye*!!!

~!*¤AuStIn FuLlEr¤*!~

HEy babe*!!! Ur like one of my bestest guy friends*!! I LOVE U SOOOOOOOO MUCH*!! Ur my bro and u better stay that way*!! Don't ever change ur soo sweet*!! Don't forget me*!! I won't ever forget u or all of our crazy times*!! Luv-Ya

~!*¤JoRdAn MaYeRs¤*!~

HEYY NEIGHBOR*!!! Ur awesome i'm glad u moved here*!! Ur soo funny*!!! I hope we stay friends next year*! OOO and the horse in the basement is like awesome*!! bye bye*!!!

~!*¤BrYcE McKeNzIe¤*!~

HEYY BRO*!! OMG I LOVE U TO DEATH*!!! Ur sooo funny and awesome*! I wish u wer going to mt.vernon*!!! OOO well i'll still see u sometime*! haha*! HELLO DeNIsE hahaha*! I LOVE U BROTHER NEVER CHANGE! Luv-Ya

~!*¤JoHn BeNjAmIn¤*!~

HEY there*!! I don't know u that well but ur awesome*!!! I loved those pillows and the ice u threw at me thank u sooo much haha*!!! I hope we become good friends*!!! Luv-Ya

~!*¤QuInN KrUg¤*!~

Heyy*!! Ur awesome*!!! WEr gonna be awesome friends next year haha*!! Ur my buddy*!! I love ya to death*!! I'm ur booty hahahaha!!! I/J :D luv-ya

!*¤JaCoB BoOnE¤*!

Heyyy JACOBROO!! Ur just the coolest dude ever haha! Have u wished for anything lately! haha I'll just keep wishin for ya!! OOo man U crack me up!!! UR the funny man remembeR!!!! I'm sure it was just a "friendly" honk. I can't believe you punked me! That was soooo wrong! Ur a funny one! c-ya lAta luv-yaZ!!!!

~I WaNt To SaY A BiG HeY To*

RyAn StOrEy..JoSh CaPpS..JoSh ThOuVenIn..CoDy WeSt..KyLe BuChAnAn..Ed KoCh..MaTt StAnLeY..AaRoN HaArMaNn..JaKe LeWiS..JaRvEs..RyAn MaRtIn..BrYcE TuCkEr..CoDy BodInE..ShAnE HiCkS..JeFf LiNd..JaKe LiPpS..BlAiNe CoChRaNe..DaNiEl CoChRaNe..ShAwN HoAnG..IaN PrEsSwOoD..MiKe WiLsOn..CoRy BrAdEn..BrAd PoRtEr..DaReLl HaYeS..JoHn BeEvEr..CoDy PaYnE..JoRdAn ShOeMaKeR..MaTt HeNrY..MaTt RoTmAn..DuStIn LoNg..AlEx HaWkInS..ErIc HaRrIs..ErIc HeCk..DeReK SaNdErS..DoUg HaMpToN..BrIaN DeAtOn..SeTh McGoVeRn..AdAm KiToWsKi..AdAm BaRbIaN..ColIn OvErStReEt..ZaCh SnYdEr..aNd LoTs MoRe If I FoRgOt U TeLl Me AnD I'lL AdD Ya!!!!!

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