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I'm so glad you decided to visit.
My name is Elizabeth (AKA larika)
and I have been a vegetarian
for many years.
I would like to share my research,
recipes, pictures, links and information with you.

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Handmade Animal Greeting Cards

Religion and Vegetarians

Types of Vegetarians

Health and Vegetarianism

Cartoon Strips by Elizabeth Keimach

Quotes of Famous Vegetarians

George Bernard Shaw and Vegetarians/Animals

Send a Vegetarian Greeting Card

Vegetarian Cartoons

Vegetarian Recipes

My Own Drawings of Animals


My Illustrated Book"Kerryn's Bird-Table"By Elizabeth Keimach

Vegetarian Books

Website Lists & Web Rings

Photos of Animals and their Young

My Story- Factory Farming

BIRDS - Paintings by Elizabeth Keimach(Watercolours)


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My Guestbook

Gascon Feathers
An "animal-rights" novel by Burt Keimach

Judaism and Vegetarianism
Inconsistencies Between Animal-based diets and Jewish Values
by Richard H. Schwartz, Ph.D.

The Faerie Art of
Elizabeth Keimach

My Faerie Website

EAT TO LIVE by Dr. Joel Fuhrman
A Fantastic Book
An Extract and Reviews

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