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Faeries live in a parallel world alongside humans.
They are the children of nature and are loyal, ethical and sweet-natured.
They dislike liars, cheats, all things evil and the poor treatment of animals and nature.
Faeries are an enchanted species who can become invisible at will.
They are whimiscal creatures who can fly effortlessly through the air.

Dwellers in the Enchanted Realms

These are happy, playful wood nymphs,
who live in and take care of trees.
They can shift-shape into trees themselves.
The willow tree is one of their favourites.
These are elderly people who live to about 1000 years.
They live under oak trees in forests and are the healers of the faerie world.
They love to dance and have parties.

Elves live amongst the trees.
They are a good natured group and very smart.
They usually live under oak trees.

Brownies will help with daily chores.
They love animals and are helpful and kind.

The Trooping Faeries
They are ornate and beautiful and love to march and dance
accompanied by their band of musicians.

Searching for Faeries

You must possess fine qualities to see faeries
or they will avoid you.
You must be good at heart, kind, gentle and open-minded.
Faeries prefer wild undeveloped areas.
The best place to look for faeries are in forests,
the countryside,meadows, caves and mountains.
Undeveloped terrain is the best,
especially where the sea meets the beach,
the mountain meets the lake or the meadow meets the woodland.

A good place is where the old meets the new,
ancient ruins,aged boulders or old trees.
A good season is Spring, for it is the faeries favourite time of year.
Look for them amongst the flowers and trees or near streams and caves.
The best times of day to see faeries
is at dawn, noon, sunset and midnight.

Keep a respectful distance and soon
you will see them dancing and singing
to the accopaniment of their faerie musicians.


The faeries represent goodness and honesty
and are a noble breed who are kind and compassionate
and have a high regard for nature
and the animal kingdom.


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