Faerieland, the land of mystic faes.
In years gone by when little was understood
many legends arose throughout the lands.
Mystery and magic was used
to explain events beyond the understanding of our forefathers.
It helped them to understand their problems,
As it can today.
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Dreamtime by Elizabeth Keimach

I walk with wonder
in the land of Fae,
The dreamtime of my childhood,
For there dwell faeries
Of magic and mystique.
So step silently and watch
As they glisten and fly
On silvery wing
To unknown destinies.

Faerieland by Elizabeth Keimach

Here faeries fly on gossamer wing
And softly dance in faerie ring
A time of childhood's fantasy
Which lingers on in memory
So enter softly faerieland
A mystical, magical, wonderland

The Fairies by Rose Fyleman

The fairies have never a penny to spend,
They haven't a thing put by,
But theirs is the dower of bird and flower,
And theirs is the earth and sky
And though you should live in a palace of gold
Or sleep in a dried up ditch,
You could never be as poor as the fairies are,
And never as rich.

Since ever and ever the world began
They danced like a ribbon of flame,
They have sung thier song through the centries long
And yet it is never the same.
And though you be foolish or though you be wise,
With hair of silver or gold,
You can never be as young as the fairies are,
And never as old.


Faeries in Flight (anon)

Fairies in flight
tiny twinkling flashes
of colored glowing light,
glimmering bursts adorning
the night skies
as children frolic underneath,
wishing that light to contain,
whimsically dreaming
of a jar held bed side light,
envisioning happy friend,
fireflies angelically
guarding over their sleeping sighs,
never knowing what they see
are the fairies of mythical fame,
since long back each night
have they flown the heavens making light,
disguised by their magic,
unknown by human eyes,
but if imprisoned
their essence core of light
shall wane until one day
they woeful fade,
dying light,
so remember child
when up at them you smile
and overhead they fly,
enjoy the nightly cavort
but leave them outside,
so tomorrow night remain
and each night you will see
the mystical wondrous light
as they gleefully play tag
causing your smile
to rise once again,
mesmerizing you,
making you glad you came
just as you did as a wee babe
that night you set them free
when first them you did see.

Green by Renae Maynard

Once, twice, step softly, child.
Step softly into the green!
If they hear you, they will surely run,
and you will never see them, ever again….

Well, perhaps not until next year,
but then you might be too old….
You might not believe.

What's that? You say you won't ever forget?
That you will hold them in your heart forever?
I believe you think you will,
But if you make too much noise,
the energy dies…

And true, you might know of them always,
You may wish for them to be…
But your eyes and ears,
they will be tainted.
Unable, and perhaps unwilling…

I used to believe in them too,
Knowing they sang,
& danced behind the green,
hearing them talk in my mind and my dreams,
calling to me….

But once I came,
and made too much noise,
and even though I almost heard them,
and almost knew that they were there,
I never saw them again.

And now their joyous songs
, are only faint whispers
in my desperately clinging thoughts.
I wish to bring them back child,
to Believe, But it is too late….

So walk softly child.
Don't make too much noise!
I want you to see them,
Now, and always….


Awakening by Heather Faith

Moonlight twirls in orbits
Endlessly around our love.
A faerie's fingers dancing
as she wakes the sleeping doves.
The limits here are endless,
'round our minds, and 'round our hearts.
This world is such a masquerade,
and I forgot my part.
Dancing ever silently between the veils of night.
Crying ever desperately,
my soul burns from the light.
The fire's glow consumes us,
embers seeking life once more.
Throwing laughter to the winds,
what was now-becomes once more.


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