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Kittycats Cattery

Welcome to Kittycats Cattery v.5 Rainbow Style! Last updated 28th May 2002!

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 Hi I'm Peanut - Sandz, the cat. And I'm Holiday, the dog obviously. Welcome to Kittycats Cattery v.5 Rainbow Style! Sorry about the lack of updates. There are tons of adoptions and stuff so go check that out. Plus you can enter a show or even learn to hex or something. So um... enjoy your stay, and err link to us if you want and ...  of course come back! 

*Sorry to anyone that requested Drisana but the owner won't respond to emails for her*

Updates From 28th May 2002

28th/5 - Site remodeled! Tons of new adoptions added, plus some new litters, a hexing section added with loads of tutorials, new movies added - Down To Earth, Lizzie's Payback, Superstitious and Clover.

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