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  • Rebbie Bio!

    Rebbie was born Maureen Reilette Jackson in Gary, Indiana on May 29 1950. She is the eldest of the Jackson siblings. She used to baby-sit all the Jackson children when Katherine was working and she was like a second mother. Katherine taught her daughter to play the clarinet and the piano and along with Latoya she used to sing with their mother at Kingdom Hall.

    Rebbie wed and moved to Kentucky with her husband at the age of 18, to whom she is still married. She first met her Nathaniel Brown, when she was 11 years old. He was also a Jehovah' Witness and a friend of the family. He is now her road manager and they have 3 children; Stacee, Yashi and Austin.

    Rebbie started her career in 1975, when she joined the rest of her family for the Jackson's show at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas (although Rebbie and brother Jackie used to win dancing contests when they were kids).

    In the late 70s, Rebbie started to think about a career as a singer and stars like Wanda Hutchinson and Betty Wright helped her. Her name can be found on albums by Betty Wright and The Emotions among others. Her first album, "Centipede" was released in 1984 on Columbia Records. The title track was written by her brother, Michael, who produced along with Wayne Henderson from The Crusaders. It was a hit and sold Gold. More albums followed, "Reaction" in 1986 and "R U Tuff Enuff" in 1988. "Plaything" (from "R U Tuff Enuff"), was a hit and she did a cover of Prince's song "I Feel For You" on "Centipede.

    Rebbie has always (like her siblings) been a big admirer of legends like Fred Astaire and Doris Day, but her favorites are the Motown stars. She has performed together with numerous artists, for example TLC, Melle Mel (rapper), Robin Zander (of Cheap Trick), Ray Charles and Isaac Hayes, Dionne Warwick, Zapp & Roger, James Brown and not to forget her family. Tito produced tracks on her albums and Jermaine joined her on tour. She has toured a lot in the Middle East (Arabia), Asia (Japan), Europe (France, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Holland), America (Guatemala, Virgin Islands, Jamaica and U.S.A.). She's even been to Iceland.

    In 1989, Rebbie contributed to the family single, "2300 Jackson Street", from the same-titled Jacksons' LP. Rebbie also helped Jermaine with the TV Movie "The Jacksons - An American Dream" and helped organize the "Jackson Family Honors" show in 1994. She also covered the Bob Dylan classic "Forever Young", on the "Free Willy 2" soundtrack.

    Her most recent album is "Yours Faithfully", which was released in March 1998. Rebbie flew to London, accompanied by her two daughters, Stacee and Yashi to work with Eliot Kennedy (of Spice Girls Fame). Other collaborators are labelmates "Men Of Vision", which she duets with on a cover of the classic Spinners song "I Don't Want To Loose You", Bryan Loren and Todd Terry. On this album she collaborated once again with brother Michael Jackson, who wrote a song called "Fly Away" for her. Like "Centipede", this song too has his backing vocals. She also worked with Keith Thomas (The Winans, Vanessa Williams), who had written a song called "Baby, I'm In Heaven", originally meant for Selena (the late Latino star). Rebbie released the title song as a single, but the record company decided to cancel the rest. Rebbie went to Japan on a promotion tour, but it didn't go very well.

    In November 1999, Rebbie performed in Rosarita Beach Mexico together with the Temptations and then in December, Rebbie performed at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. In her stage show, she performed songs from all of her albums, and a tribute to her brother with "I'll Be There". From there on she was scheduled to perform in Brazil, Barbados and the Carolinas.

    Last year, Rebbie participated in "Wave To The World" to benefit the Paralympics 2000 in Sydney, Australia. She helped organize and also recorded a song for one of the CDs. The song was a duet with group All4One called "Who You Are", but it was never included on the CD due to production problems. As of now there are no plans on releasing the duet.

    Rebbie was back by popular demand at the MGM Grand in in Las Vegas on October 5 and 6, 2001. She performed just around the corner from Janet.

    Rebbie has recently signed on with 3Ci Talent Agency to produce a broadway/casino tribute to the Jacksons. The show is currently scheduled to open late next year.