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    28/09/00 Randy Jackson Says He is Still President/CEO

    LOS ANGELES and VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 28, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- Randy Jackson announced today that he remains as President/ CEO of Modern Records, Inc. (OTC BB:MDNRE) (CDNX:MZR - news), despite the erroneous press release, released by Johan Grandin, which failed to name the new Board of Directors. Mr. Jackson stated, ``We are investigating the legal propriety of the Shareholder's Meeting, referenced in that release. ''As of today, we have not received any notices, minutes, voting records, names and addresses of the new Board of Directors and officers. The present Board of Directors and Randy Jackson will continue to develop Modern Record's artists and nurture a positive relationship with the Entertainment community.

    CONTACT: Carter Beavers, Modern Records, 310-285-5350

    Source: Modern Records

    22/09/00 New Board Elected At Modern Records, Inc.

    /PRNewswire/ - At a Special Meeting of Shareholders held on September 22, 2000, a new Board of Directors was elected by the shareholders of Modern Records, Inc. (OTC BB: MDNR; CDNX: MZR).

    Four new directors join Johan Grandin on the Board of Directors of Modern Records. The Board of Directors named Johan Grandin as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and authorized a search for a new permanent management team. Mr. Grandin said, "We had an extremely high shareholder turnout at today's meeting, which shows how closely our shareholders have been following recent developments at the Company. We intend to move forward with our existing projects and actively develop relationships with new artists." Modern Records is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, California.

    This news release contains "forward-looking statements" within themeaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, regarding the Company's business strategy and future plans of operations. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, both general and specific to the matters discussed in this news release. These and other important factors, including those mentioned in various Securities and Exchange Commission filings made periodically by the Company, may cause the Company's actual results and performance to differ materially from the future results and performance expressed in or implied by such forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements contained in this news release speak only as of the date hereof and the Company expressly disclaims any obligation to provide public updates, revisions or amendments to any forward-looking statements made herein to reflect changes in the Company's expectations or future events.

    ON BEHALF OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS - "Johan Grandin" President and Chief Executive Officer

    Source: PR NewsWire

    05/08/00 The Jacksons' Reunion Project

    The Jacksons are in the pre-production stages of recording their first collection of songs since their 1989's 2300 Jackson Street for Epic. They will make the CD for the Beverly Hills, California-based Modern Records, which is owned by Randy Jackson, who serves as chairman and CEO. During an interview for Planet Jackson, Modern Records vice-President/A&R Jr. Regisford talked about the much anticipated reunion. "The Jacksons are in the pre-production stages of recording their new album. They all want to do this. All of them are excited about getting into the studio and making this CD. This is something that's going to happen. At the core of the material are about eight songs the group feels especially strong about. All of them are writing with their own collaborators, and they'll come together and decide what songs will stick and what won't. There might be outside producers, some major names are interested. There is definetely strong talk about Michael's participation to the project, but it's too early to say how many tracks he'll be on or anything like that.

    To make a Jacksons record, you have to get the group all in one place, which isn't easy considering their varied activities. Marlon is partnered with boxing champ Evander Holyfield in an Atlanta-based cable gospel channel MBC; Jackie, who owns a percentage of Modern Records, is launching an internet company; Tito oversees the activities of his sons' group 3T and Jermaine is involved in a myriad of projects.

    On one hand, it's surreal to be working with the Jacksons because of their historical contribution. On the other hand, it isn't easy because they all have professional and personal interests that keep them busy. On any given day, each of these guys can be anywhere in the world. In 1999, the Jacksons were talking with A&M Records about the prospects of a reunion LP when Randy offered them a deal. They just figured, 'Let's keep it in the family.' We want to make a strong, souful urban album. We don't want to ignore the pop element because that's also what the Jacksons are about, but it's got to be soulful, something that'll make you want to dance."

    Source: Planet Jackson

    12/05/00 Modern Records Releases Single From Popular New Orleans Rap Recording Artist, Lil' Jay

    "Gold Teeth Gator" Debut Single Scheduled For Release May 26th Beverly Hills, California - May 12, 2000 - Modern Records, Inc. (CDNX: MZR.V, OTC BB: MDNR) today announced that the Company plans to release the debut single "Gold Teeth Gator", from the popular New Orleans Rap artist Lil' Jay, on May 26th. Lil' Jay and Lil' Shack are the founding members of the rap group PAID, which has been performing together for the past eight years. The upcoming "Gold Teeth Gator" album on the Modern Records label, will also include performances from platinum recording artists Lil' Troy and FIEND. "The opportunity to work with Randy Jackson and the talented people at Modern Records has been a great experience for me," stated Lil' Jay. With their help, we have produced what we believe is a very exciting album that we know our fans will enjoy." Russ Regan, President of Modern Records commented, " We are very excited about the release of Lil' Jay's first single on the Modern Records label. When Modern first got involved with LiL' Jay, we had a great deal of confidence in his abilities as a song writer and performer. The Gold Teeth Gator single and upcoming album, brings all of these elements together with the result being a great product for Modern Records." Modern Records, Inc., a full service independent record label, was founded in 1980 by Paul Fishkin, Danny Goldberg, and long time Fleetwood Mac recording star, Stevie Nicks. Today, Modern Records produces, licenses, acquires, markets and distributes high-quality recorded music and is rapidly emerging as one of the most dynamic independent record labels in the recording industry.

    Source: Modern Records

    01/03/00 Press Release From Modern Records

    Modern Records Inks Deal With Butterfly Productions For The Cast Album, Inappropriate BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--

    Modern Records, Inc. announces that Butterfly Productions recently signed an exclusive recording and distribution agreement with Modern Records for the cast album of the hit off-Broadway musical, Inappropriate. The new deal with Modern Records includes the re-recording and release of the off-Broadway CD, in addition to securing major distribution for the revamped recording.

    Inappropriate is a ground-breaking rock musical that addresses real-life teen issues, such as drug abuse, alcoholism, neglect and alienation. Possessing ``flashes of brilliance!'' and actors that are ``positively transporting!'' according to The New York Times, Inappropriate is crafted from the true stories of teens who are former graduates of the Stockbridge, Mass.-based institution, the DeSisto School. The DeSisto School is a therapeutic boarding school that prepares troubled youth for post-secondary education while offering support to teens with emotional problems. School director Michael DeSisto, the late director Lonnie McNeil and songwriter Michael Sottile, adapted students' writings to create the hip youth-oriented revue. Inappropriate's talented teen cast is currently performing in New York and is scheduled to appear in Los Angeles for a private performance on March 7, 2000.

    Modern Records, Inc. an independent record label was founded in 1980 by Paul Fishkin, Danny Goldberg, and Stevie Nicks. In May of 1997, Randy Jackson, a member of the world-renowned Jackson's Family and ``The Jacksons'' music-recording group, purchased controlling interest in Modern Records. Jackson, chairman & CEO has over 30 years of performing, writing and producing experience in the recording industry. Russ Regan, president and industry legend, started with Berry Gordy at Motown and has promoted for many legendary artists, including Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and The Supremes. He is also responsible for signing renowned artists Neil Diamond, Elton John and Olivia Newton John, to name a few. Modern Records believes that its industry relationships are unparalleled and plans to leverage these relationships with industry executives, distributors, producers, artists and writers to create the most dynamic independent label in the recording industry.

    For additional information on Modern Records, Inc. contact Tobin & Associates, Inc. at 323-856-0827. For additional information on Inappropriate contact Karen Greco of Origlio Public Relations at 212-695-7400.

    Source: MJWeb

    22/03/00 Modern Records Signs Corporate Development Contract In Efforts to Expand the Company's US Presence

    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Modern Records, Inc., a leading full service music company that produces, licenses, acquires, markets and distributes high quality recorded music, announced today that it has retained the services of Colorado based, The MicroCap Analyst. The MicroCap Analyst is a Business Development Consulting Group providing client services focusing on: Corporate Imaging Programs, Internet Design and Development Programs, Mergers and Acquisition Consulting Services, and Publicity and Investor Relations Programs. Modern Records has rapidly emerged as one of the largest independent record labels in the United States, since being founded in 1980, by Paul Fishkin, Stevie Nicks and Danny Goldberg. The Company has established a proven track record of signing and successfully producing nationally known artists and now believes it has a unique opportunity to establish the Company as the most dynamic independent label in the recording industry. "Modern Records has made significant progress during the last six months in its effort to develop its core businesses, enhance the Company's corporate image and build brand awareness among consumers. With the help of The MicroCap Analyst group, we will be able to execute our business strategy more effectively, take advantage of our current business opportunities and also deliver our message to much broader audience," stated Randy Jackson, Chairman and CEO of Modern Records.

    Modern's business strategy going forward is to grow aggressively through the expansion of its core businesses, including the production and development of sound track recordings for the motion picture and television industries. The Company also intends to pursue additional growth opportunities, such as acquisitions and through the development of its extensive Internet based distribution operations.

    Ronald Blekicki, President of The MicroCap Analyst, and his Company have over 20 years of business development and investment banking experience working with emerging growth companies throughout North America. In addition to its investment banking and business development activities, the Company's investor relations programs have also been very effective in helping undervalued, under-followed public companies gain exposure to individual and institutional investors in the domestic and international stock markets. The contract is for an initial three months with a monthly retainer of $20,000.

    Source: Modern Records

    17/01/00 Michael Likely To Join Jackson 5 Reunion!

    As reported by dotmusic early last year, the Jacksons are to reform and release an album of new material. It is not yet known whether they will be joined by brother Michael, though the star has repeatedly suggested that he will join in, recently giving press interviews in which he has stated that he will definitely be on the record. Jackson has also recently suggested that his forthcoming album may be his last, giving interviews in which he has made little attempt to hide his disillusion with the pop music 'treadmill'. Nonetheless, Michael may perceive the reuniting of the The Jackson 5 to be the perfect antidote to commercial pop. The album, which will be released by Modern Records in the summer, will feature Jermaine, Marlon, Tito, Randy and Jackie Jackson and will see them return to the funky, disco-influenced, soul for which they are famous. Discussing Michael Jackson's possible involvement, a label spokesman said: "Michael has a contract with Sony, so we can't ask him to be on the record. But he has made several public statements that he will be on it, most recently in TV Guide a few weeks ago."

    Source: Dotmusic