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  • Michael Videography!

    This section contains only Michael's solo work, not J5.

    Rock With You

    Sparkling video directed by Bruce Gowers.

    Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

    Great video, directed by Nick Saxon. Michael dances among bubbles and it looks very disco.

    She's Out Of My Life

    Simlpe video that features Michael alone sitting on a chair and singing.

    Billie Jean

    Groundbreaking video with great special effects for its time.

    Beat It

    This video, directed by Bob Giraldi, is based on the broadway musical "West Side Story".


    #1 video of all time! Directed by John Landis.

    Say Say Say

    This video was recorded in Santa Ynez Valley. Also stars sister Latoya and Paul and Linda McCartney. The video was directed by Bob Giraldi.

    USA For Africa - We Are The World

    The All-star cast during the recording of the song.


    The complete bad video stars Wesley Snipes and shows Michael returning to his old neigbourhood and finds that he has changed significantly. His friends confront him, but he definitely shows them who's bad! The video was directed by Martin Scorsese.

    The Way You Make Me Feel

    Michael chats up model Tatiana Thumbtzen. The video also stars Latoya, who plays one of her friends.

    Man In The Mirror

    Picture Coming...

    A video of compiles footage of Michael on tour blended with horrible images of starving people and so on.

    Speed Demon

    This video is a part of the Moonwalker movie. Michael tries to escape from the various people who are following him.

    Liberian Girl

    This video stars a lot of other stars, such as Dan Akroyd, John Travolta, Corey Feldman, Danny Glover and so on.

    I Just Can't Stop Loving You

    Picture Coming...

    This is a video based on tour footage.

    Leave Me Alone

    Leave me alone is the first part of the Moonwalker movie. Michael is a huge theme park and then rides through it himself. It shows images of rumors the press has made about him while he dismisses them.

    Another Part Of Me

    This video is live footage from the Bad tour.

    Smooth Criminal

    Another video that is a part of the Moonwalker movie. Amazing dancing. Directed by Colin Chilvers.

    Smooth Criminal

    The special effects version of the above video.

    Dirty Diana

    Taped as a live performance with Steve Stevens on guitar.

    Come Together

    The final segment of the Moonwalker movie, which is taped as a live peformance.

    Eddie Murphy/Michael Jackson - Whatzupwitu

    Video for Eddie Murphy's duet with Michael. They dance in the sky and there's a lot of hearts and butterflies.

    Black Or White

    MacCaulay Culkin, George Wendt, Tyra Banks and Brandi Jackson are in this video, directed by John Landis.


    Michael plays basketball and dances with Kriss Kross, Heavy D and Shaquille O'Neill.

    Remember The Time

    This video was directed by John Singleton and choeograhed by Fatima Robinson. It stars Eddie Murphy and model Iman as the Egyptian king and queen, in addition to Magic Johnson.

    In The Closet

    MJ grinds with Naomi in this video directed by fashion photographer Herb Ritts.

    Heal The World

    Picture Coming...

    The footage in this video is similiar to the Man In The Mirror video. Michael is not in it.

    She's Out Of My Life

    Picture Coming...

    This is an alternative video with footage from the Dangerous tour.

    Will You Be There

    Picture Coming...

    This video is combined footage from MTV's 10th Anniversary and the Dangerous tour.

    Give In To Me

    Great video that premiered during the Oprah interview. Features slash and is taped as a live performance in a club.

    Who Is It

    Michael finds out that the woman he loves is a prostitute when he finds her cards everywhere. He decides to leave and by the time she regrets everything and rs after him, he's gone.

    Gone Too Soon

    Picture Coming...

    This video is a dedication to Ryan White, Michael's young friend who died of Aids. The footage shows him during his short life and also his funeral.


    MJ and Janet kicks ass in the most expensive video of all time! Received 11 MTV Video Award Nominations. Directed by Mark Romanek.

    They Don't Care About Us

    Shot in Brazil and directed by Spike Jones. Also features the group Olodum.

    They Don't Care About Us

    Prison version of the above video.

    3T/Michael Jackson Why

    Beautiful video with Michael and his nephews singing together.

    Earth Song

    This video shows things that are happening in the world that must be stopped. Michael is walking around in a destroyed area.

    Stranger In Moscow

    A video with great special and slow motion effect. Features Michael in a rainy city, along with other people who are feeling the same.

    You Are Not Alone

    Lisa Marie is in this beautiful video that shows Michael in different places.

    You Are Not Alone

    Picture Coming...

    The Angel version of the above video.


    Michael watches small zeppelins filled with children fly past him while he is watching below.

    Blood On The Dancefloor

    Michael dances with a woman known as Susie in a club. Red hot.


    Picture Coming...

    A club video that shows people dancing to his music and videos. Michael himself is not in it.

    You Rock My World

    This video, directed by Paul Hunter, stars Marlon Brando, Chris Tucker and Michael Madsen. The long version runs around 14 minutes and the short version about 5.