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  • Marlon Biography!

    Marlon was born Marlon David Jackson on March 12, 1957 in Gary, Indiana to Katherine and Joseph Jackson. He was a twin born prematurely, and unfortunately his brother Brandon only lived for 24 hours. Marlon grew up in Gary, but moved to Los Angeles at a tender age because of the success of the Jackson 5.

    In 1975, Marlon eloped with Carol Ann Parker, a young woman whom he had been introduced to by his brother Michael. As she lived in New Orleans, Louisiana, the were penpals for quite a while before the marriage. Marlon and Carol now have three children, Valencia, Brittny, and Marlon Jr.

    Marlon had much success with the Jackson 5, and later the Jacksons, and didn't work on any solo projects until 1987 when he released his first album Baby, Tonight. By then, he had also starred in a movie called Student Confidential, playing a shy, but very bright high-school student. The movie, which did only ok, also starred Eric Douglas (brother of Michael Douglas), and playboy playmate Susie Scott.

    Marlon has written and produced tracks for among others Betty Wright, Rebbie Jackson, and Janet Jackson, something at which he has been more successful at.

    In 1998, Marlon got involved in a network called MBC, which launched on December 15, 1999. MBC Network has become the fastest growing network in TV and is now available widely.

    Currently, Marlon is working on the new Jackson 5 reunion and he will perform with his brothers and nephews on September 7 and 10 in Madison Square Garden in honor of his brother Michael Jackson. The album is expected next year.