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    Welcome to Jacksonlovers R Us - Version 2.0!
    Hey Fans!

    If you're new to this site, you might need a little help to navigate.
    This website is divided into different section, one for each Jackson and then a joint section. You are now on the main page of the joint section. Here you will find eveything that all the sections share, such as the webcards, the chatroom and the Fan Events!
    If you wish to learn more about a specific Jackson, please click on the name in the left menu. Each Jackson section has several sub-sections, for example a biography. The following sub-sections are available on each Jackson:

    All the latest news about a certain person! The news are updated frequently.

    Here you will find a brief history of the person whose section you are in. If you are not familiar with a person, this is a good place to start. The biography includes personal data, such as birthdate and family, and also major projects and current activities.

    This section includes albums, singles, guest appearances and all other recordings by that artist. Please note that these sections are not 100% complete, because I have only included the records for which I have covers or that I am currently scanning.

    Music video the artist has appeared in.

    Audio samples of songs recorded by the artist, including collaborations and guest appearances.

    Lyrics to songs recorded by the artist, including songs penned but not performed.

    A collection of images of the artist from different occasions, such as award shows, photo shots and performances.

    Besides articles and interviews, this section also includes other written reports, such as press releases and reviews.

    A place for the visitors to this site to discuss the artist and his or her work.

    A database that includes frequently asked questions about the artist. There is also the possibility to ask a question not yet answered.

    This section contains the links to the best places to buy music and memorabilia from the artist, in addition to JRU recommendations.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me for questions or comments! Thanx for visiting! Enjoy the site! :-)

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    This site (C) Caroline Nilsson 1999-2001


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