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  • Latest Janet News!

    31/03/01 Janet Week!

    Dutch station Radio 538 is dedicating the entire week to Janet... they are also doing a competition to win a Meet & Greet with Janet!. So be sure to have your radio tuned into radio538!

    Source: Miss Janet

    31/03/01 P3 Interview!

    During her promotional stay in Sweden mid-march Janet did an interview with SR P3 Soul. The interview will be broadcasted on Sunday April 22nd at 22.00-24.00 Central European Time.

    Source: Miss Janet

    31/03/01 T4 Meets Janet!

    Janet will be on a Channel 4 (UK) program called 'T4 meets Janet' it will be on Sunday 8th April at 13.15!

    Source: Miss Janet

    29/03/01 New Interview!

    MTV German SHOW "IN TOUCH" will air a Janet interview from Paris, France next weekend: on Saturday at 11.00h and on Sunday 15.00h!

    Source: Miss Janet

    28/03/01 Beauty & Braids!

    Janet is on the cover of this month's issue of Braids Magazine. It is a picture of her from the American Music Awards!

    Source: Miss Janet

    28/03/01 Graine de Stars!

    Janet's performance on Graine de Stars (recorded earlier today) will be broadcasted in France on April 20th on M6 channel from 8.50pm. Janet will appear in the 'Fan de' show on M6 channel on April 14th at noon!

    Source: Miss Janet

    28/03/01 Outkast Possible Opener!

    MTV News reports that Janet has asked Outkast to be the opening act for her upcomming tour.

    Source: Miss Janet

    25/03/01 Viva Special!

    On the german channel VIVA they are going to have a Janet Jackson special on Monday March 26!

    Source: Miss Janet

    25/03/01 DRM Song Of The Year!

    In Japan, Doesn't Really Matter won an award for "Song of the Year - Foreign Music" on the Japan Gold Disc Awards 2001.

    Source: Miss Janet

    23/03/01 Expressen Interview!

    Janet did an interview with BarracudaTV/Expressen Newspaper when she was in Sweden. She talked about her childhood, everyday life, working with Michael and so on. The full interview will be up shortly.

    Click here to watch a part of the interview in Realplayer!

    Source: Expressen

    23/03/01 Luuk Re-run!

    For those of you who missed the Luuk show, it will run again on Sunday, March 25th at 23.40 (PM)!

    Source: TV4

    22/03/01 Janet's Entire Album Produced By Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis !

    Last year, Janet Jackson said that producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the team behind her critical release 1986 Control, would not be working on her next album. However, the pair is all over her latest, All For You--in fact, they co-write and co-produce each of the 14 songs on the album.
    Hip-hop producer Rockwilder also contributes to the album, co-producing five songs--"You Ain't Right," "Come And Get Up," "Would You Mind," "Trust A Try," and "Feels So Right." Janet sought out Rockwilder after hearing the song "Da Rockwilder" that he produced for Method Man & Redman. The complete track listing for the album is as follows: "Intro," "You Ain't Right," "All For You," "2wayforyou (Interlude)," "Come On Get Up," "When We Oooo," "China Love," "Love Scene (Ooh Baby)," "Would You Mind," "Lame (Interlude)," "Trust A Try," "Clouds (Interlude)," "Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)" with Carly Simon, "Truth," "Theory (Interlude)," "Someone To Call My Lover," "Feels So Right," "Doesn't Really Matter," "Better Days," and "Outro."

    Source: Launch

    20/03/01 All 4 You Cover!

    This is the cover for the new CD All 4 You!

    Source: CDNow

    20/03/01 Janet In France!

    Janet has arrived in Paris (France). She was with her dancers and arrived at Roissy Airport after leaving Sweden.

    Source: What About Janet

    21/03/01 TV4 Interview!

    Janet's also did an interview with TV4 when she was in Sweden. She talked about All 4 You, the media, her family and dating. Here are some excerpts of what she said about...

    [All 4 You]

    "It's about love...and there's some edgy things where you see that I refuse to take any mess..."

    [Working With Rene]

    "I never really wanted us to work together from day one. It was something that he always wanted and I was so very submissive and really shy then that I just let it go."

    [Media Treatment]

    "Compared to the rest of my family they've been very good to me." When she was asked if it is hard to see what they write about her brothers and your sisters, she said "of couse...it's painful."

    [The Family Zoo]

    "Well, when we grew up we had a zoo at our parents' house. Yeah, and i used to actually take...my brother and I used to actually take care of the animals, and a lot of the animals that where there he moved to his ranch. For instance, Jaffar, which is the giraffe we've had since he was one. Jaffar now has children, so just to go over to Michael's ranch was so huge..." [....]

    [Dating Nervous Guys]

    When she was asked about dating, Janet said that guys get nervous around her because she's a celebrity. She is always the one that asks them out..."It's tough because I just want them to be themselves and they get nervous."

    Click here to see a part of the interview in Real Player!

    Source: TV4

    21/03/01 Janet Web Exclusive!

    While Janet was a guest at Kristian Luuk's show, she did a web exclusive for them. It can be found on their home page at http://www.tv4.se/luuk, but it requires a password to get into that section. The only way to get the password it to watch the show, so here it is for those of you who missed it! Sorry for the bad quality of pictures, but you can still get the picture!

    Luuk: And we're on the internet with janet jackson, this question only on the net! You're a brilliant actor as well, you've been in so many movies...

    Janet: Thank you...I've only done two...

    Luuk: You've only done two, but you've been so good in the movies, that why!

    Janet: Well, I started acting... I started acting when I was about 10...

    Luuk: That's true...you were in the Cosby show and stuff like that!

    Janet: No...not the Cosby show...

    Luuk: You were not in the Cosby show....But stuff like that! Were you on Good Times?

    Janet: I was in stuff like that yes...Good times, Diffrent Strokes, A Diffrent Kind of Family...Fame

    Luuk: Which is the best movie you've ever seen?

    Janet: The best...My favorite film? My favorite film is Raging Bull, I'd say...
    For acting...Acting-wise, I would say Glengarry Glen Ross...

    Luuk: Oh, that's a good movie, very good! That's Al Pacino right?

    Janet: Al Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Alec Baldwin...There's a lot of people...Jack...

    Luuk: Go out and rent that!

    Janet: It's really good.

    Luuk: When will be see you in a movie the next time?

    Janet: Gosh, well it would have to be after the tour...yeah

    Luuk: Yeah... We'll wait for the tour! Alright...Thanx a lot for coming! Janet Jackson on the web! Thank you so much!

    Click here to watch the conversation in Real Player!

    Click here for more pictures!

    Source: TV4

    20/03/01 Janet On Luuk!

    Janet was a guest on Kristian Luuk's show and performed "All 4 You"! The interview will be here shortly!

    Source: TV4

    20/03/01 Janet In Sweden!

    Janet is in Sweden right now. For a full schedule of interviews and appearances, please read the Aftonbladet interview! Next Janet will be heading to France.

    20/03/01 Aftonbladet Interview!

    While in Sweden, Janet did an interview with Aftonbladet newspaper.

    Source: Aftonbladet

    19/03/01 Janet On Wetten Dass!

    Janet performanced of All 4 You on Wetten Dass and also talked with Thomas Gottshalk and Kvin Costner! Costner was also a guest on the show! Here are some captures courtesy of What About Janet!

    For more captures click here!

    19/03/01 Janet On BBC Radio!

    Janet will be in the LIVE LOUNGE on BBC RADIO 1 in the UK on April 2nd 2001 between 10-1pm. She will be singing LIVE songs from her album. You can listen live at www.bbc.co.uk/radio1!

    Source: Janet Talk

    18/03/01 All 4 You #1!

    All 4 You has hit #1 in Japan! Congratulations Janet!

    Source: Janet Talk

    17/03/01 Janet On The Echo Awards!

    Janet gave an incredible performance of All 4 You on the Echo Awards! Here are some captures courtesy of What About Janet!

    For more captures, click here!

    17/03/01 NSync's Video Airs Exclusively!

    NSYNC returns to TRL. Starting Monday, March 19, see NSYNC's video of Janet Jackson's "That's The Way Love Goes"--airing only on TRL. The video runs for just two weeks, so set your VCR's and don't miss out.

    Source: MTV

    16/03/01 MuchMusic Article!

    "Sheís a popular icon who has placed her own undeniable imprint upon the musical landscape of the past two decades. Her music is timeless, her tours unforgettable and nearly 50 million records sold across the world firmly establish her as one of the true superstar elite. Janet Jackson is back and ready to add yet another chapter to a career that has given true meaning to the word superstar.
    Hereís the sequence that is sure to make your mouth water. A brand new single, "All For You" in March. A brand new album, the follow-up to 1997ís multi-platinum selling The Velvet Rope, entitled, All For You. As well as the start of a world tour in July, which will have the same spectacular production values of her Rhythm Nation debut tour, which set the arena tour benchmark back in 1990.
    April 23/24 sees the worldwide release of Janetís new album All For You, a tip of the hat to timeless soul and dance grooves and a glorious celebration of her roots. The set was recorded at Flyte Tyme Studios in Minneapolis, with co-production by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, her longtime songwriting and studio collaborators, with additional production by Rockwilder. The albumís melodic, upbeat and fresh sound is echoed by the title track, due as a single in March.
    Concurrent with her new music, Janet will be honored at the inaugural mtvICON celebration on March 13th in recognition of her place as one of the most influential and beloved tastemakers in contemporary pop and R&B. The show will eloquently demonstrate the impact that Janet has had, not only on her worldwide audience, but also on a generation of performers who will pay tribute by covering her songs. They include Destinyís Child, Macy Gray, Outkast and ĎN Sync. Janet herself is also slated to perform the shows finale.
    The new single, album and tour follow Janetís worldwide smash last summer with "Doesnít Really Matter" from the soundtrack of the "Nutty Professor 2", in which she starred alongside Eddie Murphy. The film took in more then $175 million at the worldwide box office. The song was an instant global hit, spending 3 weeks at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Chart in August and September to take her total of U.S. chart-toppers to nine, a run stretching back to "When I Think Of You" in 1986.
    "Doesnít Really Matter" is included on All For You, along with music that overflows with pure Janet joie de vivre that include "Someone To Call My Lover", "New Beginning", "Come On Get Up", "Trust A Try" and the tantalizing "When We Ooo".
    Itís the latest landmark in an eclectic and audacious career that has touched audiences in pop, rock, r&b and hip-hop without ever compromising.
    Then, in the summer, Janet launches the long-anticipated sequel to the "Velvet Rope" tour, which packed arenas and knocked out audiences worldwide. That success pushed her album sales total to nearly 50 million, but itís never been just about the numbers for Janet Damita Jo Jackson, born May 16, 1966 in the Jackson family hometown of Gary, Indiana. "My parents taught us that you never give up," she says, and itís been a personal coda since she made her stage debut at seven.
    Janet went on to star in the CBS-TV sitcom "Good Times", and more high-profile television work soon followed in "Different Strokes" and "Fame". There were two teenage albums, a self-titled 1982 set and Dream Street two years later, but it was 1986ís Control that catapulted into the limelight and began her rise to stardom. Traveling from her Los Angeles home to Minneapolis, she began the association with Jam and Lewis, found herself as a songwriter and reinvented herself as a person.
    Control exploded, showcasing Janetís supple voice, warm humor and feisty attitude in a series of indelible hit singles and innovative videos shaped by Janet herself. Control was something that Janet extended to her entire life, becoming an astute businesswoman in the process. She makes the final decision regarding every aspect of her multi-faceted career.
    1989 brought the watershed album Rhythm Nation 1814, a record "reflecting real life and my real concerns," as she put it, wrapped up in a high-voltage funk-dance sound. It spent 4 weeks at #1 in America and, a few months later led to the Rhythm Nation World Tour 1990, which became the most successful debut tour in history, seen by more then two million fans.
    "Rhythm Nation contained my views about what was going on in the world and the problems we have trying to educate kids," she says. "The idea was to give them some hope." Janet remains a passionate humanitarian and spokeswoman on childrenís, civil and human rights issues, as well as education and AIDS research. Indeed last year, she received the Commitment To Life Award from the AIDS Project Los Angeles.
    In 1991, in her mid 20ís, Janet was given a new recording contract with Virgin Records, and soon thereafter rekindled her acting career with a starring role in the compelling 1993 release "Poetic Justice" directed by John Singleton. Then came janet. Overflowing with infectious grooves such as "Thatís The Way Love Goes" (#1 for eight weeks in the U.S.), "If", "Again" and the sultry ballad "Any Time Any Place", which logged ten weeks atop Billboardís R&B Chart. The album became Janetís third in succession to exceed 5 million in U.S. sales alone.
    In 1995, Jane joined her brother Michael for a massive hit single "Scream", featuring a stunning glam sci-fi video clip. The following year brought Janetís first retrospective, Janet Jackson 1986-1996 Design Of A Decade. It offered "Runaway", the 16th if her 21 gold certified singles and another memorable video in which she danced her way around the globe. In 1997, The Velvet Rope took her audience closer to Janet then ever before, as she bared her soul on the most intimate record of her career.
    In 2001, another chapter will be written and itís sure to be fueled by the same ingredients that have sustained Janet throughout her career Ė her undeniable passion, her determination and damn good music. "

    Source: Janet Talk

    15/03/01 Diff'rent Strokes Re-Runs!

    Re-runs of Diff'rent Strokes are currently running on Nickelodeon (US)! Check your local listings!

    15/03/01 Janet On Letterman!

    Janet was a guest on Letterman yesterday! Here are some captures courtesy of What About Janet!

    15/03/01 Janet Jackson Makes Radio and Chart History With Her New Single!

    'All For You' Added to Every R&R Reporting Station In the Country in Its First Week at Radio - Single Explodes Onto Billboard Hot 100 At Number 14, Becoming the Highest Debut Ever for a Non-Commercially Available Single

    New Album 'All For You' Due April 24

    BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Janet Jackson is back with a new single and has wasted absolutely no time in making history.
    This week, in the song's first days at radio, "All For You" was added to every single Radio & Records reporting station across three formats. The new single was added to every radio station at the CHR/Pop, CHR/Rhythmic, andUrban formats, a history-making feat never before accomplished by a recordingartist. The song also debuts at Number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, making the song the highest debut ever for a non-commercially available single.
    Comments Ray Cooper, Co-President, Virgin Records America, "Janet has once again proven she is truly the best. She delivered a brilliant song, which the public has embraced as quickly as we did when we first heard it. 'All ForYou' is only the edge of the musical landscape for Janet this year, and we look forward to the release of her groundbreaking new album in April."
    "All For You" proved to be a one-listen record for the programmers of CHR, Rhythm Crossover and Urban Radio. In New York, such key radio stations as Z100 (WHTZ), HOT97 (WQHT), and WKTU added the track. On the other side of thecountry, Los Angeles radio stations KIIS, KPWR (Power 106), and KKBT (TheBeat) also added the hit. And in Chicago, WBBM (B96), WKSC (KISS FM), WKIE (Energy 92.7), and WGCI also added the song, a move representative of all the other relevant R&R stations across the country. Nationally, in total, 176 CHR stations, 73 Rhythm Crossover stations, and 84 Urban stations added the track, closing out all three formats. In total over the last seven days,the track has received over 5800 BDS spins, and has had a cumulative audience of almost 70 million listeners.
    Kevin McCabe, Director of Charts for R&R, says, "Janet has once againexceeded all expectations. The sheer fact that 100% of the Pop, Rhythmic andUrban radio stations were closed out in the first week means that she is stilla huge superstar at these formats." McCabe went on to say that this is "history making," and that "no other song has closed 100% of the panels in thefirst week at Pop, let alone ever closed all three panels in one week."
    The Janet Jackson explosion continues this week when MTV debuts her new video "All For You" on Friday, March 9's "TRL: Total Request Live." Then, onTuesday, March 13, the music channel will premiere "mtvICON," dedicated to the music and influence of the singer. MTV's sister network will also be on board when Janet is honored as their "Artist of the Month" for April.
    For more information, please contact: Paul Freundlich of Rogers & Cowan,646-658-8313; or Yon Elvira of Virgin Records America, 310-288-2419.
    CONTACT: Paul Freundlich of Rogers & Cowan, 646-658-8313; or Yon Elvira of Virgin Records America, 310-288-2419

    Source: Virgin Records

    15/03/01 Janet On Entertainment Tonight!

    Janet was featured in a segment Entertainment Tonight did on MTVIcon. She was talking about how she tried not to cry when her brothers came out, but she could not help it. They showed a clip and she was very emotional when her brothers talked.

    Source: Janet Talk

    14/03/01 UK News On MTVIcon!

    While her brother is busy on scholarly and nuptial duties, Janet Jackson is busy flying high in the US Radio playlists. Janet's new single, 'All For You', is making radio history in the US, where it has been added to every single station's playlist on three different formats, over 300 stations in all, a feat never before achieved in the history of US radio. 'All For You' is the follow up to Janet's hugely successful top five smash 'Doesn't Really Matter' and is released in the UK on April 9. Ms Jackson is performing at the first ever mtvICON event in Los Angeles this weekend. Check back on mtv.co.uk for the full report.

    Source: MTV UK

    14/03/01 Janet On Rosie!

    Janet was a guest on Rosie yesterday! Here are some captures courtesy of What About Janet!

    14/03/01 Ad In Rolling Stone!

    In the march 29, 2001 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine on page 32 there is a full page add of a the "All For You" single cover, with an advertisement for the MTVicon: janet jackson show, on it.

    Source: Miss Janet

    14/03/01 Australian Date!

    Great news for fans in australia - ALL FOR YOU has already been playing the radios as you may already know and it is one of the highest requested songs this month. The single hits music stores on the 26th of March. Remember to keep calling in the radios stations and requesting Janet's hot new single.

    Source: Miss Janet

    14/03/01 MTVIcon!

    The first MTVIcon show was a success! Janet and the rest put on great performances! Michael, Jackie, Marlon, Jermaine and Tito paid tribute to Janet!

    Click here for more pictures from the event!

    Source: Miss Janet

    12/03/01 Australian Icon!

    MTV down-under began advertising the ICON show which will premier in Australia this Saturday, march 17th at 8pm.

    Source: Miss Janet

    13/03/01 VH1 Confirms Initial 'Divas Live' Cast!

    Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, and Jill Scott will take the stage at New York's Radio City Music Hall for the 2001 edition of "VH1 Diva's Live." As previously reported, "VH1 Diva's Live: The One And Only Aretha Franklin," will air live on the cable music outlet April 10.
    Although Mariah Carey was thought to be part of the line-up, her participation has not been confirmed. Additional male and female performers for the fourth annual benefit concert, proceeds of which are tabbed for the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, will be announced in the coming weeks. Tickets go on sale Friday (March 16) via Ticketmaster.
    Jackson was just honored by VH1 sister network MTV as its inaugural "mtvICON," taped last weekend in Culver City, Calif. That

    Source: Billboard

    12/03/01 New Interview!

    Virgin's Janet Jackson site has been updated with an interview with Janet.

    Source: Official Janet Site

    12/03/01 #1 On DFX!

    All For You was at #1 on MTV's Direct Effect last thursday.

    Source: Miss Janet

    12/03/01 All 4 You Breaks Another Record!

    In France, All For You was broadcasting 268 times in 5 days only! This is the highest debut ever made in France of a promotional recording that was not commercialy available.

    Source: Miss Janet

    12/03/01 Cover Girl!

    Janet is on the cover of the March 9th, 2001 issue of R&R Magazine, this time it features the colorized version of the "ALL FOR YOU" single cover, and also dates of the video premiere, the promo tour date, as well as promos for the MTVicon ceremony.

    Source: Miss Janet

    12/03/01 Billboard News!

    In People Magazine (Julia Roberts on the cover), March 19th, 2001, there is an full page advert for the MTVicon ceremony, with the "All For You" picture of Janet on page 109.

    Source: Miss Janet

    11/03/01 Meet & Greet!

    Dutch music station TMF is going to hold a contest for a Meet & Greet with Janet. Check out their their site for more details.

    Source: Miss Janet

    11/03/01 Billboard News!

    Janet debuts at number 14 at the Billboard TOP 100. In a related article at Billboard, it says that Janet's single is the highest debuting single on the chart in two years! Billboard.com also reported that Janet will be among the peformers at VH1 Divas Live 2001, but this has not been officially confirmed yet.

    Source: Miss Janet

    09/03/01 More Scheduled Appearances!

    There have been several more appearances scheduled for Janet's upcoming promotional tour.

    In France:

  • "Dansez maintenant" (France 2)
  • "Tapis rouge" (France 2)
  • "Nulle Part Ailleurs" (Canal +)
  • She will also do interviews with NJR, MCM and the press. What About Janet reports that Janet will not go to Belguim during her promotional tour; she will do all interviews and appearances in the Netherlands.

    In Spain:

  • 'Musica Si'
  • Radio in Spain has reported that Janet will be in Madrid in March 25th and 26th.

    Source: WAJ and Janet Talk

    09/03/01 Diva In 2001?

    A host of top stars will be on hand April 10 at Radio City Music Hall in New York for "VH1 Divas Live: The One And Only Aretha Franklin." Although VH1 would not confirm the lineup, a source tells Billboard.com that the performers will include Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, and newcomer/multiple-Grammy nominee Jill Scott, according to a source. Tickets to the event go on sale next Friday (March 16) via Ticketmaster. As previously reported, proceeds will benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, specifically, inner city schools in Detroit in Franklin's name. The "Queen Of Soul" will warm up for the "Divas" tribute with a trio of performances in Florida. The legendary vocalist is set to perform March 21 at the Times-Union Center For Performing Arts in Jacksonville, March 24 at the House Of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, and March 26 at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center. Franklin, Carey, Carole King, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, and Shania Twain all took part in VH1's first "Divas Live" event in 1998. The winner of 17 Grammy awards, as well as the 1991's Grammy Legend Award (1991) and 1994's Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Franklin also counts among her many honors a National Medal Of The Arts, presented in 1999 by President Clinton.

    Source: Billboard

    09/03/01 Janet Jackson Single Breaks Radio, Chart Records!

    Her brother may have appointed himself King of Pop, but Janet Jackson earned her crown as Queen of Radio this week. The title track from the R&B superstar's upcoming seventh album, All for You, made radio and chart history when it was added to every pop, rhythmic and urban radio station that reports to the national trade magazine Radio & Records. No other song has conquered all reporting stations in its first week at radio, let alone mastered three formats in one week, R&R's Kevin McCabe said. "All for You" also debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart at #14, the highest debut ever for a single that wasn't commercially available. Jackson's seventh album is due April 24. Co-producer Jimmy Jam said last month that the dance number is indicative of the upbeat, carefree vibe of the disc, which follows up 1997's The Velvet Rope. The video for "All for You" premieres Friday (March 9) on "Total Request Live." Jackson is also the subject of the inaugural "mtvICON," a special honoring artists who've influenced music videos and who've had a significant impact on fans and other artists. "mtvICON: Janet Jackson" will air on Tuesday.

    Source: MTV

    09/03/01 Street Date!

    The current street for Janet's new album All 4 You is April 24!

    Source: Miss Janet

    09/03/01 Pick Up The New Billboard!

    In addition to the full page for "All For You" in in this weeks Billboard, dated March 10, 2001, there is also a review.

    "Calling all radio formats! The title track from Janet Jackson's forthcoming All For you is a verible vitamin shot in the arm for the airwaves. As playful and joyous as the best from Jackson's deep uptempo catalog, "All For You" audaciously ignoes top 40's current trend toward strict R&B inflection; this is mainstream party pop at its best. The groove, which borrows from Change's disco-era hit "The Glow of Love," is at the helm here, with a beat that jingles like a pocketful of loose change, while Jackson's shiny vocal features puffy layers of her signature harmonies. It's hard to know exactly what went on in the studio with longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, but the sun just shines on Jackson's performance, which feels at once loose and inspired. This offers the promise of good days ahead for a career that has never stalled, but at times has felt more deliberate than others. Expect instantaneous across-the-board act-ion on this from adult, rhythmic, and mainstream top 40s, as well as AC and R&B. It's going to be a rhythm nation this spring, indeed. Quite likely another No.1 for Janet."

    Source: Billboard

    09/03/01 Billboard Info!

    Janet debuts at No.71 with just a day and half of airplay, on the R&B singles chart with expectations of reaching the top 10 by next week! If Jennifer Lopez dosen't reach No.1, Janet may be the first Female with a No1 in 2001 here in the U.S.

    Source: Billboard

    09/03/01 TV Guide Pics!

    Here are two of the pics from Tv Guide!

    Source: TV Guide

    09/03/01 All 4 You Video!

    Janet's Official Site has a preview clip of Janet's new video! Check it out!

    Here are some pics from the video!

    Source: Official Janet Site

    09/03/01 Tidbit From Source!

    "Chad and Pharrell's differences have made them especially effective at culling the best work from the artists they produce. Though it would seem that a veteran like Janet Jackson would come into the studio with an ego and a set plan, Pharrell was impressed by her youthful demeanor and openness to try new things. Pharrell promises that Janet's new album will be dope, but he doesn't want to spoil the surprise. "Janet is very, very receptive and very smart," he says. "I don't like to talk about that too much because I want to keep everything a mystery, so when that @#%$ hits the radio, it's bonkers. Sometimes the veiling adds to the impact."

    Source: Janet Talk

    09/03/01 Canadian Fans!

    The new video for All 4 You will premiere tomorrow (March 10) on Combat Zone (Much Much)!

    Source: Janet Talk

    09/03/01 Japan Release!

    Reportedly the street date for the Japanese release of All 4 You is April 16th and there will be a bonus track on that version!

    Source: Janet Talk

    09/03/01 New Pics From Virgin!

    Virgin Records Germany has the following new pictures of Janet!

    Source: Virgin Records Germany

    08/03/01 New Billboard Article!

    Joe's "Stutter" featuring Mystikal once again holds off Crazy Town's "Butterfly" to earn a fourth week at No. 1 on The Billboard Hot 100. Joe can't rest easy, as his single should face a challenge in coming weeks from Janet's "All For You," which bolts straight to No. 14 to become the highest debut of any title in more than two years. The grip of "Stutter" is also slipping in pure R&B markets, as the single falls to No. 3 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.

    This week's only movement in the top-10 of the Hot 100 is spurred by 112's "It's Over Now," which is the fastest-growing track at retail. The hip-hop-influenced R&B quartet reaches No. 1 over on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks, as "It's Over Now" skips 3-1 on that tally. The Hot 100's greatest gainer at radio this week is Nelly's "Ride With Me" featuring City Spud, which shoots 43-32. Beyond Janet, the strongest debut is Destiny's Child "Survivor," which safely lands at No. 43 several months ahead of the group's similarly titled Columbia album.

    Source: Billboard

    08/03/01 Janet In The Sun!

    Next to the new cover, Sunday's issue of The Sun wrote: "HERE'S Janet Jackson looking bedder than ever on the cover of her new single. "

    Her brother Michael may have broken his foot but his sister is clearly all in one piece, as my exclusive snap shows. The song - All For You, from Janet's unnamed new album out on April 24 - features samples from Change's huge disco hit The Glow of Love and is a funky little number. But I reckon it's worth buying for the cover alone...

    Source: Janet Talk

    08/03/01 Janet In The Daily Star!

    JANET JACKSON plans to be even raunchier than Britney Spears in her new video. Sexy brunette Janet plans to raise the gasp factor even further than 19-year- old Britney's latest raunchy promo. The singer, from the most famous family in pop, releases her new single, All For You, on April 9. The cover of the CD features a naked Janet lying on a bed - with only a white duvet protecting her modesty. And the video is going to be every bit as sexy, sources close to Janet have revealed. The red-hot footage is being shot in America's sweltering Arizona desert later this month. But there will be a tight ring of security around the X-rated action - ensuring that no lusty fans try to sneak a peek at Janet. One source raved: "Forget Britney's video, Janet's is going to be even hotter. "

    Source: Janet Talk

    08/03/01 Article From MTV UK!

    While her brother is busy on scholarly and nuptial duties, Janet Jackson is busy flying high in the US Radio playlists. Janet's new single, 'All For You', is making radio history in the US, where it has been added to every single station's playlist on three different formats, over 300 stations in all, a feat never before achieved in the history of US radio. 'All For You' is the follow up to Janet's hugely successful top five smash 'Doesn't Really Matter' and is released in the UK on April 9. Ms Jackson is performing at the first ever mtvICON event in Los Angeles this weekend. Check MTV UK for the full report.

    Source: Janet Talk

    07/03/01 Specal Dance Tribute!

    Inaugural MTV Music Event to Premiere Tuesday, March 13th at 8:00 PM
    February 28, 2001, New York, N.Y.: Mya, Pink and Usher will perform a special dance tribute to Janet Jackson during mtvICON: Janet Jackson. Each artist will perform a separate dance routine to a classic Janet song. The three artists will then come together for a multi-artist dance finale also performed to a Janet classic. R&B singing sensation and actress Aaliyah will introduce the artists in the dance tribute. Wade Robson, the mastermind behind dance filled videos for *NSYNC, Britney Spears and MTVís Super Bowl Half-Time show, will choreograph the dance tribute. MTVís inaugural music performance event will premiere on Tuesday, March 13 at 8:00 PM (ET/PT).

    Previously announced Grammy Award-winning artists Destinyís Child and Macy Gray will each perform a different song from Janetís extensive music collection. Outkast is set to perform a special rendition of "Ms. Jackson." Additionally, *NSYNC will dedicate a special vocal tribute of "Thatís The Way Love Goes" to Janet. For the finale, Janet herself will take to the stage for a grand performance to close the show. mtvICON: Janet Jackson will celebrate Janetís extensive 16-year music career through interviews and performances. During this special music event, MTV will talk with artists and celebrities who have been influenced by Janet throughout the years. mtvICON: Janet Jackson will serve not only to celebrate the music of Janet Jackson, but to honor her outstanding and unique contributions to music, dance, and pop culture.

    MTV will honor one artist a year with mtvICON. The music network will consider future icons based on various criteria including if they have influenced the art of music video or inspired a new generation of music artists, while tremendously impacting the MTV generation over their careers. As the "MTV Video Music Awards" show honors artists for their accomplishments in the art of music video for that given year, mtvICON is meant to honor musical artists for their collective contributions and impact over their entire career. Dave Sirulnick, Lorraine Coyle and Ned Oí Hanlon are the Executive Producers and Michael Dempsey is the Producer of mtvICON.

    Source: Official Janet Site

    07/03/01 Airtimes!

    If you miss it..it will repeat on:

  • 3/15 - 7:00pm est
  • 3/16 - 5:30pm est
  • 3/17 - 10:00pm est
  • 3/18 - 10:00am est
  • Source: Official Janet Site

    07/03/01 Janet Makes History!

    Janet made history yesterday by having her new single added to every R&R (Radio & Records) radio station in the US across four formats simultaneously!!! They were Urban Mainstream, Crossover, Rhythmic CHR and Top 40 Mainstream!

    Source: Miss Janet

    07/03/01 100 Greatest!

    VH1 is going to be having a '100 Greatest Videos of All Time' special on a date yet to be announced. You can vote for the following Janet videos here! The categories are "Special Video Effects "- Michael & Janet Jackson for "Scream", "Sexy Video" - "Love Will Never Do Without You" and "Choreography In a Video" - "Rhythm Nation"!

    Source: Miss Janet

    06/03/01 TV Guide Covers!

    The new TV Guide issue with Janet on the cover is out! This week there are two collector covers, in addition to the cable version!

    The article is called Planet Janet!

    Source: TV Guide

    05/03/01 All 4 You On TRL!

    In the US the "All For You" video will premiere this friday on MTV's TRL! Tune in!

    Source: Miss Janet

    04/03/01 Tickets For The Echo Awards!

    The Germany Version of Ebay has an auction up to buy tickets for the Echo Awards. However, the price has already gone up to way over a 1000 DEM. The ticket also includes a hotel overnight. Janet will be present at the Echo Awards held this month in Berlin, Germany.

    Source: Miss Janet

    04/03/01 Tv Guide Cover Shoot

    Entertainment Tonight (US) reported that Janet Jackson will be on the cover of TV Guide. We already reported this to you yesterday. However they also mentioned that there will be two special covers each depicting a different picture of Janet. In it there is an interview with Janet where she talks about being single and how she feels about having kids. And of course about her inspiration for her new album. This issue comes out monday March 5, 2001.

    Source: Miss Janet

    03/03/01 Janet On Letterman!

    Janet will be on the David Letterman show airing March 12th and on the Rosie O'Donell show airing March 13. After the the Rosie O'Donell show Janet will be flying to Berlin to kick off her European promo tour.

    Source: Miss Janet

    03/03/01 MTVIcon Contest!

    Radio 1 in the UK is having an MTVIcon contest starting next week. This contest includes all expenses paid. You can listen to Radio 1 over the net!

    Source: Miss Janet

    03/03/01 All 4 You!

    All 4 You is not only the name of Janet's new single, but also the name of Janet's new album!

    Source: Miss Janet