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  • Latest Janet News!

    30/05/01 Hollywood Hamilton's Weekend Top 30

    Janet will be on the Hollywood Hamilton's Weekend Top 30 on there first saturday of May!!

    Source: Miss Janet

    30/05/01 Blender Cover

    Here is the cover for the first issue of Blender magazine. It also has a great interview!

    Source: Janet Talk

    30/05/01 Jam and Lewis Defend Janet's Lyrics

    Janet Jackson's producer Jimmy Jam has confessed some of the sexy lyrics on Janet's All For You album took him by surprise especially the controversial Would You Mind, but says it is up to parents and not the record industry to regulate what their children listen to.
    Commenting on a US government report criticising the record industry for deliberately exposing young pop and rock fans to lewd lyrics, Jam said: 'One of the things parents tend to do quite a lot is say, `Turn that off.' Often they don't even know what it is. You don't have to like it but be aware of it. 'When Janet brought that song and sang that to me, my first reaction was `Whoa!.'..but I absolutely love the record. The thing about Janet's records is that they've always been very honest and you've basically watched a woman grow up from the age of 18 and now you have a 35-year-old woman who is embracing love and not shy saying what she would like to do or would like to have done to her.'
    Jam, who co-produced All For You with partner Terry Lewis, says he hasn't a problem with sexy lyrics and confesses his four-year-old son's favourite song of last year was Ludacris' What's Your Fantasy with its 'I want to lick, lick, lick you from your head to toes' refrain. 'When he sings it he has no idea of the connotation.'
    Jam says when he wants his son to sing to songs which contain foul language he encourages him to come up with alternative, clean words. Jam says parents need to take responsibility for what their children are listening to. Last week America's Federal Trade Commission reported that the music industry was guilty of advertising explicit records on TV and in magazines aimed at youth and not always with a parental advisory notice.

    Source: Worldpop

    29/04/01 Dallas Morning News!

    There was a new article/interview in the Dallas Morning News today called "Janet's innocence mission". You can read it here!

    Source: Janet Talk

    29/04/01 Destiny's Child Live!

    Janet was the Destiny's Child live special on MTV yesterday! She sent a videogram for the girls which was very sweet! She wished them the best and continued success with their new projects.

    Source: MTV

    28/05/01 Additional tour date in DC

    Today tickets went onsale for some shows for the "All For You World Tour". Janet's Aug 17th show in DC sold out in 20 minutes! An additional show has been added on the 18th and tickets have gone up for sale as well. Check out the tour page for a full schedule.

    Source: Miss Janet

    28/05/01 PrimeTime Interview!

    If you missed janet on PrimeTime, you can read the highlights here!

    You can watch parts of the interview here!

    Source: Miss Janet

    28/05/01 Janet on AH!

    This upcoming Monday (April 30th), a Janet interview will air on Access Hollywood at 4:00pm Central Time. In the previews, it looks like the interview took place after her appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno this past Thursday, April 26th.

    Source: Miss Janet

    28/05/01 Janet on French TV in May!

    MTV France will be having a Janet weekend on May 12th, 13th and RFM TV is going to air a Janet special show with interviews and all Janet's best performances ever (including the grammy awards with "Together Again") on Wednesday 23rd @ 10pm!

    Source: Miss Janet

    28/05/01 Janet All Over Redbook!

    Janet is on the cover of the June 2001 issue of Redbook magazine. There is also a three-page story with an interview inside. Pick it up!

    Source: Miss Janet

    27/05/01 Rick Dees Interview!

    You can hear the interview janet gave this morning on the rick dees show http://www.rick.com!

    Source: Janet Talk

    27/05/01 Janet-thon on Aussie Pay TV!

    On Tuesday 1 May, Foxtel's Channel [v] is gonna screen (starting at 4pm) 3 hours worth of janet's videos from the 80s, to her very latest work.

    Source: Miss Janet

    27/05/01 Janet On Leno!

    Janet was on the Tonight Show yesterday, looking lovelier than ever. Janet talked about the new CD, the upcoming tour and much more!

    Source: Janet Talk

    26/05/01 New Interview From MTV!

    Janet has done a new interview with MTV, which you can read here! It talks about the new album, RenÚ, and the forthcoming world tour.

    Source: MTV

    26/05/01 Sofia Meets Janet!

    Tomorrow (Friday 27th) Swedish channel TV4 will air Sofia Eriksson's interview with Janet. It stars at 23.15!

    Source: TV4

    26/05/01 Janet on Dutch TV!

    There will be a "TMF Xtra" about Janet this Saturday April 28th @ 17.00 on TMF, and it will rerun this Tuesday May 1th, at 16.00.

    Source: Miss Janet

    26/05/01 New York Interview Tomorrow!

    Janet will be doing a live interview tomorrow on KissFM 106.7 in Rochester, New York.

    Source: Miss Janet

    26/05/01 Janet Shatters First Week Sales!

    Janet's "All For You" is through the roof. Based on first-day sales, the Virgin album, which hit stores yesterday, is headed over the 500k mark, and will easily top next week's sales chart. Some retail insiders say the total could approach 600k. One-stops were not surprised, with an informal pre-release survey for HITS putting first-week sales at 493k. "Janet's a little older now and the kids may have to re-relate to her, but she still should do well," predicted Motown President/CEO Kedar Massenburg when we posed as AT&T telemarketers. "It is Janet, after all."
    And that seemed to be fans' reaction to the album, which launched a month ago with the release of the title-track single, which exploded at radio its first week and is now #1 nationally in airplay. MTV played its part in helping launch Janet's album on its "ICON" special last March 13, which honored the superstar with performances of her songs by Destiny's Child, Macy Gray, OutKast and Buckcherry, a special vocal tribute by NSYNC and a dance homage by Mya, Pink and Usher.
    This week's relase of the new Jackson album sets up a duel of the divas at the cash register next week, with Destiny's Child's Columbia effort, "Survivor" going head-to-head with the second week of "All For You."

    Source: Miss Janet

    26/05/01 Janet Going To Boston!

    Janet Jackson's All For You Tour is coming to the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts on August 25th. A local radio station, STAR 93.7 has been giving away tickets all week long promoting it as a "win them before you can buy them contest". The opening act for Janet in Boston will be R&B group 112!

    For ticket information, please check the tour page!

    Source: Miss Janet

    25/05/01 Tour Rehearsals In Canada!

    Radio station Z95.3 (CKZZ) in Vancouver, Canada has reported that Janet will be spending the whole month of June in Vancouver to do the Tour Rehearsals, and that Vancouver will be her first show on the schedule.

    Source: Miss Janet

    25/05/01 OutKast Blow Out Janet Jackson !

    It was literally a case of sorry, Ms Jackson in the US this week as rappers du jour OutKast gave Janet the thumbs down after her request for them to be the opening act on her North American tour. The pair had already agreed to be part of Moby's massive Area One summer tour, set to be the most hi-tech interactive music festival ever. The tour, featuring Moby, New Order, Paul Oakenfold, Nelly Furtado, the Orb, the Roots, OutKast, Incubus and Carl Cox kicks off in Atlanta on 11 July and finishes in Los Angeles on 5 August. Some of the proceeds of the tour go to charity, two charities benefiting being Greenpeace and LifeBeat but that will be scant consolation for Ms Jackson who now has to find another act.

    Source: Worldpop

    25/04/01 Janet In Smash Hits!

    Janet is featured in the latest edition of Smash Hits Magazin (UK) It's an article about 1 page called "Miss Jackson"! It's on page 57.

    Source: Miss Janet

    25/04/01 Janet On Tele7Jours!

    Janet is on the #1 French TV magazine TÚlÚ7Jours. She appears on the "Saturday" page, because of the Janet Special on M6.

    Source: Miss Janet

    25/04/01 Essential Janet Jackson Airs On MTV UK!

    Essential Janet Jackson will air on MTV UK on Thursday 3rd May @ 13:00 and also on Saturday 5th May @ 22:00 and Sunday 6th May @ 19:30. It takes a look through the entire career of Janet in a new show. MTV Icon will also reair on both MTV BASE and MTV at various times throughout May. Check www.uk-tv-guide.com for more details.

    Source: Miss Janet

    24/04/01 Janet On Cover Of Billboard Magazine!

    Janet it on the cover of Billboard April 28, 2001 edition features a three page lay out of Janet.

    Source: Miss Janet

    24/04/01 New Article!

    Read this new article from Knight Rider Newspaper here!

    Source: Janet Talk

    24/04/01 Janet On French TV!

    Saturday April 28th will be a good day for every French fan. Four TV shows will features Janet's appearence:

  • France2, 'Tapis Rouge' from 8.50pm
  • M6, 'Le Hit Machine' from 10.30am
  • M6, 'Fan de' from 11.55am
  • M6, 'Plus vite que la musique' from 8.05pm
  • .

    Source: Miss Janet

    24/04/01 Interview With Diane Sawyer!

    Janet will have a Heart to Heart exclusive Interview with the one and only Diane Sawyer. The interview will air Thursday April 26 at 10pm Eastern time on ABC. Janet will discuss her divorce with Rene, her new album, and much more! Don't miss it!

    Source: Miss Janet

    24/04/01 Janet Prepares Follow-up Single!

    All For You is at #4 on MTV TRL today on the eve of her upcoming album which is due out april 24 in the US... and according to reporter Ian of MTV's TRL, Janet will be back in Los Angeles in the first week of May 2001 and she will shoot the video of her next single which is Someone to Call my Lover...

    Source: Miss Janet

    24/04/01 Janet's Greatest TV Moments!

    If you've missed it, it's on again tonight (Monday 4/23) at 11:30 EASTERN time on VH1!!

    Source: Janet Talk

    24/04/01 Janet on KIIS-FM!

    Janet will be interviewed this Wednesday, april 25 on 102.7 kiis-fm in Los Angeles, CA. They don't have a time yet but will be around 4-8pm.

    Source: Miss Janet

    24/04/01 Janet On Good Morning America!

    Janet is schedule to appear on the show Good Morning America on April the 26th which starts a 7:00 am EST.

    Source: Miss Janet

    23/04/01 USA Today Article!

    There's a new article in USA Today called "Jackson finds solace in music as divorce looms"! It'll be here shortly!

    Source: Janet Talk

    23/04/01 Janet in People Magazine !

    In the 30th April issue of People Magazine, there is a review of Janet's album and a picture of her on page 35. They gave her a good review!

    Source: Miss Janet

    23/04/01 Spiegel Interview!

    Janet's interview with Der Spiegel is available here! I'll have a translation available soon for those of you who don't speak German.

    Source: Der Spiegel

    23/04/01 Janet Interview On Capital Radio!

    When Janet in London, she did two interviews on Capital Radio(95.8); one with Doctor Fox and 1 with Schooly. They will both be available in the Articles Section shortly!

    Source: Miss Janet

    23/04/01 Janet #1 In Japan!

    The album has gone to #1 in Japan!

    Source: Miss Janet

    23/04/01 Le Mag Interview!

    Yesterday MCM aired the Le Mag interview with Janet. She talked about Rockwilder, her relationship with Joe, how impatient she is getting to hear Michael's new album, Mariah, Virgin and more.

    Special thanx to What about Janet for these screencaptures!

    Source: What About Janet

    22/04/01 Janet On The Cover Of Blues&Soul!

    Janet is on the cover of the April 17-30 issue of Blues & Soul Magazine. (UK) It also includes an add for the new album... The article on Janet is two pages long and includes 2 great Janet photo's...

    Source: Miss Janet

    23/04/01 Janet On P3 Soul!

    Janet's interview with P3 Soul aired last night on Swedish radio. Details coming.

    Source: Sverige's Radio

    22/04/01 Much Music!

    The transcript from Live at Much is available here!

    Click here for more screencaptures!

    Source: Janet Talk

    22/04/01 NY Daily News!

    Click here to read Janet's interview with NY Daily News!

    Source: Janet Talk

    22/04/01 New Radio Interview!

    Click here to read Janet's Chicago interview!

    Source: Janet Talk

    22/04/01 MTV Icon In Italy!

    The MTV Icon show will be broadcasted in Italy tomorrow Monday 23/04 at 9pm.

    Source: Miss Janet

    21/04/01 "All for you" Behind The Scenes!

    Janet has a rare video interview on the UK Virgin site. The video clip contains an interview with Janet about "All for you". In the clip she also lets a camera into the studio where you can watch her record a track for the album and then exchange words of comfort with longtime friends and producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. She says "It's always a pleasure seeing you there, you ease my mind, you truly do". There is also commentary from Jimmy, "All for you" video Director Dave meyers and behind the scenes dance rehearsals live on the set of the video.You can also catch Janet joking about "needing a break from the song" because she heard it so many times during the shoot of the video and while learning the choreography. Lightheartedly she jokes "It happens, it's a fun song, I like it". To check out the video type in http://c3.vmg.co.uk and enjoy!!!

    Source: Miss Janet

    21/04/01 Review From People Magazine!

    Janet Jackson's All For You is all good

    Janet proves once again why her brothers should have made it the Jackson Six. Like the Jackson she is -- although she dropped her famous surname from her recording moniker back in 1997 -- Janet tries to be all things to all people on her ambitious seventh studio album. As with her big bro Michael, her appeal has transcended race, age, gender and tax bracket since her 1986 breakthrough Control. But never has Janet displayed such a broad command of the pop form as she does on this sweeping, near-73-minute opus.
    From the percolating hip-hop opener "You Ain't Right" to the sunny soft-rock finale "Better Days," Janet goes all over the pop planet on All for You. And although still not a powerhouse singer, she is in finest voice ever on such cuts as the retro soul-disco title tune, the ebullient house track "Come On Get Up" and the spacey, sexually explicit slow jam "Would You Mind."
    The tour de force, though, is the blistering funk workout "Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)," featuring a guest vocal by Carly Simon, who reprises a bit of her 1972 hit "You're So Vain" in the chorus. Half-rapping what seems to be a searing rebuke to her estranged husband RenÚ Elizondo Jr. -- "You think you irk me and you're so right/ I'd rather keep the trash and throw you out" -- Janet hits him with her best shot.
    Bottom Line: All hail the queen of pop's royal family!

    Source: Janet Talk

    21/04/01 Dotmusic Review!

    She's been the woman in control, the military leader of the rhythm nation, the one socially acceptable member of the Jackson clan and even, on 1997's 'The Velvet Rope', the happily married thirtysomething superstar indulging in a few mild S&M fantasies. Now on 'All For You', Janet unveils her most unnerving and plausible character thus far; the divorcee on the prowl. 'All For You' is a concept album of sorts, rooted in Jackson's traumatic separation from husband and collaborator Rene Elizondo Jr. It begins tremendously, with a bunch of party tracks illustrating a newly-free woman checking out men on the dancefloor. Soon, the action moves to the bedroom, and some amusingly explicit shagging tracks, before a virulent suite detailing what a bastard her ex is. Finally, there's a soppy phase heralding a new life and the prospects of new love.
    As a psychological study of a woman regaining control of her life, then, it's fascinating stuff: "I had a career before now, didn't I? I had a few hits before now, didn't I?" she notes in 'Truth', effectively an open letter to Elizondo. On the bizarre 'Son Of A Gun', she's much angrier: "I'm gonna make you suffer you stupid muthaf**ker," she rages, whilst Carly Simon raps incompetently and interpolates part of her old kiss-off classic 'You're So Vain' into the mix.
    The rude stuff's pretty unequivocal, too. After the wonderful Chic swish of recent hit 'All For You' and a couple more stomping 'Rhythm Nation'-style floor-fillers (she remains faithful to the still fine writing/production team of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis), the album degenerates into a sexfest. The come-hithering begins with the excellent 'When We Oooo' and climaxes, in a very real sense, four songs later with 'Would You Mind?' and an extravaganza of panting that recalls the hot-under-the-collar comedy of 'Je T'Aime (Moi Non Plus)'.
    At a time when scrub-trashing, no-bullshit R&B women like TLC, Destiny's Child, Kelis and Pink rule the charts, 'All For You' is, effectively, Jackson reclaiming the empowered territory she established on 'Control' all those years ago, only with a peculiarly intimate, confessional spin. Musically, she and Jam & Lewis have a knack of hardly changing their slick formula, whilst still sounding contemporary. This is a much more satisfying album than 'The Velvet Rope', even if most of the songs are overlong and a few juggle satin sheet-cliches with self-help ones to numbing effect.
    Nevertheless, 'All For You' stands as a monument to the positive effects of divorce. And it sets a standard the forthcoming, reportedly ultra-modern opus by brother Michael will have to work some to match. Now, whatever did happen to LaToya?

    Source: Dotmusic

    21/04/01 Jet Covergirl!

    Janet's on the cover of the new JET magazine!

    Source: Jet

    21/04/01 Muchmusic Interview!

    For those of you in Canada who didn't get a chance to watch Janet Live @ Much yesterday, they are showing the Pre-game show on Saturday, April 21, 4pm & 8am ET, 1pm & 5am PT and the interview with Janet @ 5pm & 9am ET, 2pm & 6am PT on the same day.

    Source: Miss Janet

    20/04/01 Concert Dates Confirmed By Janet Herself!

    As reported earlier that Janet would be involved in an interview/chat with 104.5 ChumFM and excite Canada on April 19th. During those chats, she confirmed the following Canadian concert dates: Vancouver, BC-July 5; Edmonton, Alberta July 10; Calgary-July 11; Toronto, Ontario- August 2/01. So keep your calendar open for those dates!!

    Source: Miss Janet

    20/04/01 STBMYL To Be Next!

    Janet confirmed in an interview on Toronto radio station Chum FM last night that Someone To Call My Lover is going to be the next single.

    Source: Miss Janet

    20/04/01 Janet in Danish Magazine!

    Janet is in Danish magazine Se Og H°r this week with a beautiful poster inside the magazine.

    Source: Miss Janet

    19/04/01 1993 Janet Top Of The Pops Performance!

    In the UK know that there will be a re-run of Janet's April 1993 Top Of The Pops performance on Top Of The Pops 2. It's on 5:15 Sunday 21 April on BBC2.

    Source: Miss Janet

    19/04/01 ET Interview!

    Clips of tonights interview with Janet on Entertainment Tonight is available on their website at http://www.etonline.com!

    Source: Miss Janet

    19/04/01 Janet In Dutch Magazines!

    Janet is featured in this weeks Hitkrant magazine with an interview and next week there'll be an interview in Breakout magazine.

    Source: Miss Janet

    19/04/01 Janet On Vsd And Starclub Magazines!

    Janet features on this week "VSD" magazine and on this month's "starclub" mag, both of them contains a 2 pages interview,where she talks about her new album and her upcoming tour and also beautiful large pictures of our miss janet.

    Source: Miss Janet

    19/04/01 German "Max" Magazine!

    Janet is featured in the May issue of German "MAX" magazine...you can find a interview and pictures inside the mag...

    Source: Miss Janet

    19/04/01 On The Cover Of Veronica!

    Janet is featured on the cover of the new issue of Veronica It is the (dutch) tv guide for this upcoming week.

    Source: Miss Janet

    19/04/01 MTV Masters Repeat!

    MTV MASTERS will repeat tomorrow at 23.00p.m. @ MTV Germany.

    Source: Miss Janet

    19/04/01 Chat With Janet Tonight!

    Thursday, April 19th at 9:30 pm ET Janet will be chatting with a Canadian Radio Personality "Marily Denis" of 104.5 ChumFM. However, this is in conjunction with Excite so this will be worldwide. Fans can submit questions and access the chat by the following link: http://www.excite.ca/events/special2!

    Source: Miss Janet

    19/04/01 Janet In Amica!

    Janet`s on the cover of the new German AMICA magazine! You can read the article here!

    Source: Amica

    19/04/01 Janet In Libro Journal!

    Janet is featured in the upcoming edition of the Austrian magazine "Libro Journal". It comes out in May!

    Source: Miss Janet

    18/04/01 MTV Icon Show In Germany!

    The MTV Icon show will be first aired on May 5th in Germany.

    Source: Miss Janet

    12/04/01 KTU Interviews!

    KTU 103.5 New York has put up MP3 files on their site of Janet's interview on their morning show! Click below to download!

  • Part 1 - "The new Janet"
  • Part 2 - Recording of All 4 You
  • Part 3 - Making the video and the Icon show
  • Part 4 - Tatoo Time
  • Source: KTU

    12/04/01 Listen To Janet's New Album!

    Next week Virgin Music Australia will be streaming the first two minutes of every track on from the new album "ALL FOR YOU" - from Wednesday 18 April!

    Source: Virgin Music Australia

    11/04/01 2001 Divas Live!

    Janet was the highlight of the 2001 Divas Live show, which aired yesterday on VH1. She came on stage only for a little while to talk about Aretha.

    Click here for more screencaptures!

    Screencaptures courtesy of Cherri! Visit her site at http://www.destinysdivas.com!

    Source: VH1

    10/04/01 Dotmusic Interview!

    You can read Janet's entire interview with Dotmusic here!

    Source: Dotmusic

    08/04/01 Live At Much!

    MuchMusic has sent out a press release revealing that Janet will be on Live at MuchMusic on Thursday, April 19th from 6 - 7 pm ET. There will also be a Pre-Game Show on from 5 - pm ET.

    (TORONTO - April 6th, 2001) MuchMusic is proud to present Virgin Music Megastar, Janet Jackson LIVE at Much WorldHeadquarters - in another edition of the critically acclaimed Live@Much series. Here to promote her current album "All For You", Janet will speak one-on-one Master T, with fans in our streetfront audience and,of course, with those at home checking in via phone, fax and email. In addition, watch for her lead video single of the same name, currently in A-list rotation on Much. Fans can tune into MuchMusic on Monday, April 16 th @ 7:15 - 8:00pm pm ET for official details on how to score a limited number of wristbands to attend this MuchExclusive Event. Be sure to catch the Janet Jackson LIVE@MUCH Pre-Game Show at 5pm ET, featuring videos, sound bites, and cool tidbits one one of the world's best-loved divas.

    Source: MuchMusic

    07/04/01 Janet On NRJ France

    Courtesy of What About Janet, here is a picture from Janet's radio interview with NRJ France! She also met around 20 fans there; all contest winners.

    Source: What About Janet

    07/04/01 Janet On CD:UK

    Janet's performance on CD:UK aired today!

    Source: Janet Talk

    07/04/01 TMF Awards!

    Janet recived a Lifetime Achievement Award today at the TMF Awards in Rotterdam. She also performed All 4 You! After the show, she went back to Amsterdam, where she is staying during the promo tour in the Netherlands.

    Source: What About Janet

    06/04/01 Vibe Covergirl

    Janet's on the cover of the new Vibe Magazine! It has an great interview, beautiful pictures and a free poster (make sure it's wrapped with a sticker that says "Free Janet Poster")! The poster is an enlarged version of the cover!

    Click here to read the interview!

    Source: Vibe

    06/04/01 Janet On TRL

    Here's an extract from an article about Missy Elliott and her upcoming album from Billboard!

    [...] Elliott is managed by Mona Scott for Violator and booked by Cara Lewis of the William Morris Agency. She will tour this summer, either opening for Janet Jackson or joining Timbaland, Aaliyah, and Ginuwine on a national trek. "I'd love to do either one," says the ASCAP writer, whose songs are published through her own Mass Confusion Music and administered by Warner/Chappell. "Going out with Ginuwine and Aaliyah would be special because they're family. On the other hand, I'm a big fan of Janet. She would make me work harder. I know her show will be so hot that I'll have to stay in the dance studio for five months straight." [...]

    Source: Janet Talk

    06/04/01 Janet On TRL

    Janet will be a guest on MTV's Total Request Live on April 12 for Fan Appreciation wish!

    Source: What About Janet

    05/04/01 Nulle Part Ailleurs

    To watch the interview Janet did with Nulle Part Ailleurs (French TV Show) on Canal +, please click on the below links! For those of you who do not speak French, here's a quick summary:

    Part 1 - Introduction!
    The host introduces Janet as an American superstar and says that the new album will be out on April 24th. He also mentions (and shows) the new single and the daring cover, which he seems to enjoy.

    Part 2 - Interview!
    They talk about songwriting, the upcoming tour and how long it will last, about Michael and competitiveness within the family (Janet says that they are all so proud of each other and how for their success), and about when she felt that she was out of his shadow and ready for a duet(Janet answers after the Janet album, her most successful one to date). They also talk briefly about her earlier work (and show a small compilation), the Nutty Professor II and if she will make more movies (Janet says she would like to after the tour)and so on...

    Click here for more screen captures!

    Special thanx to Evita & Janet Talk for these screen captures!

    Source: Canal +

    05/04/01 Pop Music's Queen Takes "All" Of Herself To #1!

    The Billboard Hot 100 has been dominated by males all year, but leave it to Pop Queen Janet Jackson to change that around. Jackson's latest trip to the top of the Billboard Charts is with "All For You", her 10th #1 Pop single and 15th #1 R&B single.
    Janet's "All For You" makes the expected jump to No. 1 after just five weeks on the chart, while recent Grammy winners Destiny's Child "Survivor" is full of life, leaping two positions to No. 2.
    Janet's arrival at the top is no surprise, as her single is the fastest growing track at retail in its first week on sale. The retail release also propels the song to the top of the Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart, where it shoots 9-1. Ms. Jackson's s much-anticipated Virgin album, also titled "All For You," is due April 24, which looks like it could be Jackson's 5 #1 album following her last 4 times platinum "The Velvet Rope", which has sold 8 million copies worldwide.

    Source: MI2N

    05/04/01 Janet Jumps To No. 1!

    The Billboard Hot 100 has been dominated by males all year, but now two female artists are controlling the top of the chart. Janet's "All For You" makes the expected jump to No. 1 after just five weeks on the chart, while Destiny's Child "Survivor" is full of life, leaping two positions to No. 2.
    Janet's arrival at the top is no surprise, as her single is the fastest growing track at retail in its first week on sale. The retail release also propels the song to the top of the Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart, where it shoots 9-1. The artist's much-anticipated Virgin album, also titled "All For You," is due April 24.
    The release of Destiny's Child's Columbia album, of which "Survivor" is the title track, is also a few weeks away, but the group's single continues to surge in anticipation of the set's May 1 release. Besides being the fastest-growing track at radio on the Hot 100, the cut shows a minor gain over on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart, rising two slots to No. 8.

    Source: Billboard

    05/04/01 All 4 You #1!

    All For You has reached #1 on the Billboard Top 100! Congratulations Janet!

    Source: Billboard

    05/04/01 TOTP Plus Interview!

    Janet's interview with Top of the Pops is available in RealPlayer! Click here to listen!

    You can read the transcript here!

    Source: TOTP

    05/01/01 Bullseye Interview!

    You can read Janet's interview with Bullseye Magazine here!

    Source: Janet Talk

    05/04/01 Janet Interview From Tripod!

    Janet has done a very interesting interview with Tripod Germany!

    Click here to watch the interview in RealPlayer!

    Source: Miss Janet

    05/04/01 Dance Auditions!

    Janet and the dance auditions for her upcoming "All For You" Tour is featured extensively in the next issue of Dance and Fitness Magazine. The issue will be released the week of April 9th. The magazine can be found in national bookstores or Borders Books and Music Store in the USA.

    Source: Miss Janet

    04/04/01 Janet Will Be On BET!

    Janet will be on BET's 106 & Park next week! Keep your eyes open!

    Source: Janet Talk

    03/04/01 Janet In Allure!

    Janet is in the April Issue of Allure Magazine that includes small article about her new style and a photo of her in her white pants suit.

    Source: Miss Janet

    02/04/01 "All For You" Soars to No. 1!

    NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--April 4, 2001--Nearly 4 weeks ago Janet Jackson's latest single "All For You" exploded onto the charts as the highest debuting non-commercially available single in the land.
    It set a new recording industry mark by receiving airplay from every Radio & Records reporting radio station in the country. So when "All For You" takes over the top spot as Billboard's new #1 Hot 100 single this week it should come as no surprise. "All For You", Jackson's first release from the forthcoming album of the same name, set to hit stores on April 24th, marks Jackson's 10th trip to No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.
    "All For You" blasted onto radio stations across America last March, when it was added to every Radio & Record reporting CHR/Pop, CHR/Rhythmic, and Urban format station in its first week, a history-making feat never before accomplished by any recording artist. The single is #1 this week and the album All For You stands in the wings waiting for its highly anticipated release. Already the album has garnered critical praise from critics and appears poised to debut high on the Billboard 200 Album Chart.
    Produced by Janet, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, All For You is Jackson's first studio recording in three years and contains fourteen full-length songs (as well as six musical interludes). Among the songs are "Come On Get Up", "Son Of A Gun", a duet with Carly Simon, and "Someone To Call My Lover." Among the sultry ballads are "When We Oooh," "Would You Mind," and "Feels So Right." Also included is the #1 single "Doesn't Really Matter," from the hit film "Nutty Professor 2."
    The return of Janet Jackson has already been heralded by MTV, which just this past March debuted "mtvICON: Janet Jackson," a show dedicated to the music and influence of the singer.

    Source: Janet Talk

    03/04/01 Mariah Carey Flies Over To Virgin!

    NEW YORK (Variety) - Superstar R&B chanteuse Mariah Carey has signed on at Virgin Records, leaving her longtime home of Columbia Records.
    Carey is slated to release her first record on the EMI imprint -- the soundtrack for "All that Glitters," her upcoming 20th Century Fox film -- in late summer.
    Columbia Records confirmed Monday that the multiplatinum-selling artist, who has been with Columbia for more than a decade, had left the flagship imprint of Sony Music.
    Carey has recorded six full-length records, plus an EP and a Christmas album, for Columbia. Her eponymous debut LP yielded four No. 1 singles, including "Someday" and "Vision of Love," and earned a best new artist Grammy.
    The singer went on to release more than a dozen No. 1 singles -- more than any other solo female artist in rock -- and to sell a total of 140 million albums and singles worldwide. Carey's top-selling LP, 1993's "Music Box," has moved more than 24 million copies to date.
    Virgin will now be home to two fo the world's biggest-sellilng female singers -- Carey and Janet Jackson, who signed one of the richest deals in recording history when she bolted A&M for the EMI-owned imprint. Jackson's next album, "All for You," is projected to be one of the year's blockbusters upon its release April 24.

    Source: Janet Talk

    02/04/01 National Post Interview!

    Janet recently did an interview for Canada's National Post. You can read the interview here!

    Source: Janet Talk

    02/04/01 Japan Bonus Track!

    The bonus track on the Japanese version of the album, will be a track called Who!

    Source: Virgin Record Japan

    01/04/01 Dutch Fans!

    On Sunday, April 15th, you will have a chance to listen to Janet's new album in a Fame Music store in Amsterdam, before it's released on the 24th. Sign Up at the Miss Janet fanclub!

    Source: Miss Janet

    01/04/01 Janet On Access Hollywood!

    Access Hollywood will be talking about Janet on Monday's show! Check your local listings! 04/01/01 New Picture!

    A new picture from Virgin Records Sweden!

    Source: Virgin Records Sweden

    01/04/01 New Interview!

    The-Raft.com has a very cool QuickTime video of an interview Janet did on the set of All For You, and there's some footage of her in the studio recording the album, Dave Meyers talking about shooting the video, Jimmy Jam about the album and single, and then the video shown at the end.

    Click here for the interview (without the All 4 You video)
    Click here for the interview (with the All 4 You video)

    Source: Janet Talk

    01/04/01 VH1 Artist of The Month!

    Janet is VH1's Artist of the Month for April!

    Source: VH1

    01/04/01 Janet on Radio 1!

    Janet did an interview with British Radio 1 yesterday!

    You can read a part of the interview here!
    You can listen to the whole interview online:

  • Radio 1 Interview - Part 1
  • Radio 1 Interview - Part 2
  • Source: Radio 1

    01/04/01 More Shows!

    After Janet gets back to the states from her European Promotional Tour, she will attend the Divas Live, Jay Leno and Good Morning America shows.

    Source: Miss Janet