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  • Special thanx to the Miss Janet fanclub for supplying the Start Anew cover!

    Janet Discography!

    [Albums] [Singles] [Soundtracks] [Other Stuff]

    [Janet Jackson][Dream Street] [Control] [Rhythm Nation 1814] [Janet] [Design of a Decade] [The Velvet Rope][All 4 You] [Other Singles]

    Start Anew

    1. Start Anew

    The Best Things In Life Are Free
    (Mo' Money Soundtrack)

    1. The Best Things In Life Are Free (duet w/Luther Vandross)

    Ask For More
    (Special Ltd. Edition Release For Pepsi)

    1. Ask 4 More

    Doesn't Really Matter
    (Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps Soundtrack)

    1. Doesn't Really Matter