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  • Top of the pops - April 2001!

    The one and only Janet Jackson joins Josie on the plush Plus sofas for a chat backstage at TOTP.....!

    Josie: You are back with a new single and album, both called ‘All For You’, and a great new look? Is this the new Janet?

    Janet: Yeah, but it’s not really a conscious effort. I am just in a different space in my life. And there have been changes in my life since the ‘Velvet Rope’. So I guess you could say that it’s the new me. There is a sense of freedom there!

    Josie: I have been reading a lot about what you have saying lately and the words ‘liberated’ and ‘free’. How are you enjoying it? Do you go out a lot more? Have friends over?

    Janet: I do. Lots of sleep-overs. Hang out with my friends a lot more. Friends tell me I am a lot more outgoing than I used to be. It’s really different. I am just enjoying life the way it is supposed to be enjoyed.

    Josie: The new track ‘All For You’. Was this an obvious choice as the second single from the new album?

    Janet: It just really stood out to me as being something that is very crossover. I guess you could say it is very ‘pop’ as well as very ‘urban’. I like the song a lot!

    Josie:Do you choose exclusively which is the new single?

    Janet: Well I did with this one. And then everyone has their pick, saying what this should be or that should be. Ultimately the final say is mine. But I just thought it would be nice for a single from the actual album. Something that both sides could enjoy - hopefully!

    Josie: The album is coming out and you have worked with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis again. I was reading that you felt that your friendship had come together again with those guys as well. Was it a brilliant studio experience for you?

    Janet: It always is. But with things being so different in my life now they are family for me. I didn’t realise how much I had missed the closeness until this time around being in the studio with them. And we have gotten closer, Jimmy and I especially, than ever before. Like it used to be when we did ‘Control’. And that was really nice!

    Josie: There is a tour coming. Will we get to see you in the UK?

    Janet: Yes! In November and December we are coming to Europe. So exactly when we will be in the UK, I'm not sure.

    Josie: How do you pick your set list from all the songs you have got now?

    Janet: I just try to put everything in the show. I really do because every show that I have done, I always leave something out. It is really difficult to fit everything in. And the kids always mention those songs that you wind up leaving out!

    Click here to watch Janet's interview!