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  • Janet MSN Chat - July 2001 !

    DishDiva says: Welcome to MSN Live! Tonight we are very pleased to be welcoming back Janet Jackson to MSN Live.

    DishDiva says: Janet, welcome back to MSN live. It's great to see you again. Janet_Jackson_Live says: Thank you very much!

    DishDiva says: Your show in Seattle on Sunday night was just incredible. The audience didn't stop roaring. What is your perspective so far?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: It's been going well. It's so funny, you always with you had more rehersal time. One thing that happened to us, that had never happened before, the set came in late from Vancouver, and we had to push the show back because we had to choreograph with that

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: set and it was stressful. I wish we still had more rehersal time but people seem to be pretty receptive so far.

    aliciakeysfan13 in Onstage10 asks: Is it hard to sing and dance at the same time in your concerts?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Yeah it is. It all depends on the song. There are some songs it's easier and some that it's more difficult. It all depends on the choreography. One thing to prepare yourself is running and singing at the same time.

    blaccat1 in Onstage1 asks: How do you keep yourself looking so fine?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Oh gosh, thanks. We work out. I've been really bad lately, it's been a little while since I've worked out because we're putting the show together. Tony Martinez, the trainer, switches it up all the time. We'll box, job, walk, play sports. He's a great guy

    ZingyAlbatross in Onstage2 asks: Where do you find the energy? Is it love or simply life? Or both? Is God with you?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Always, God is there. It is life and it is love. It's from the people in the audience that I get the energy for the show. Sometimes I'm exhausted and go out there and once I feel the energy from the crowd I can't help but move.

    Lady_Tee_123 in Onstage5 asks: How do you rate this tour with other tours you have done in the past?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: The one thing that I can say people have said so far is that my personality is showing more with this show. I guess so, it must be true, a few people have said it. Endurance wise, I think it's a tougher show, I don't know if I'm getting older. (laughs)

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: During the shows there's always quick changes and in this show, I only have time to change and I don't even have time to go to the bathroom. (laughs)

    DishDiva says: We saw your personality when you broke down giggling during "Again."

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: That has been happening the last few shows. (laughs) I hope to be able to get through one whole show without giggling. God forbid they catch me on a night when I am really giddy.

    Sly1906 in Onstage8 asks: Janet, I saw you in Seattle and Vancouver and they were BOTH live! Which city are you looking forward to most?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: It's always nice to go home. It really is and to perform there. For myself that would be L.A. and New York so I'm looking forward to those cities. And Hawaii just because I love it there so much.

    VirusWebBrad in Onstage9 asks: I heard your current tour is a technological marvel! What is in store for the fans?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Really? (laughs) Maybe whoever told you could tell us. (laughs)

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I really don't like talking too much about it even though some pictures have made it on the net, you can't escape the net. I think it's very clean and more on the futuristic end. I'm not saying that's what it is, but it's less cluttered. I don't like talking about it too much. You tend to conjure up images and I don't want anyone to be disappointed.

    Guest_macc in Onstage3 asks: How is it being Micheal's little sister? Do people expect a lot from you?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: It's cool! I've just been the little sister to all my brothers and sisters. It's had it's advantages and disadvantages. I think people expect more of me, not because I'm his sister, but because of my last name.

    Ajewa1 in Onstage1 asks: Janet, are you performing for Michael's 30th Anniversary Spectacular?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: No, I'm not. I have a show that night.

    Catie_lin in Onstage4 asks: Janet, are you going to act again any time soon, because you are a great actress.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Thank you very much!

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: We may extend the tour. It's not etched in stone, but after the tour there are a few things I'd definitely like to do.

    JANETLuvsME77 in Onstage5 asks: Hey Janet! I was hoping you could wish me a happy 16th b'day! What's your fav b'day moment? Thanks Michelle.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Happy birthday!!!

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: My favorite birthday moment, oh my goodness, it was the last one I just had. It was the beginning of rehersals for myself and I couldn't get away. So I took all the dancers to an island I love and we rehearsed there. I didn't want to leave for my birthday. We were going to go out to eat, and they surprised me. They were all lined up and ready to sing, even though it was my birthday I wasn't thinking what they were going to sing, I'm thining "duh" but on the last note, they all pulled down their pants and they each had a letter of happy birthday on their bottoms.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I laughed, I started screaming! It was so funny.

    cutie4_eva_1 in Onstage8 asks: Janet what's your favorite thing to do when you're on tour and you have free time?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: People ask me what I want for my birthday, but I think it's more about being with friends and acting silly. Even just a little card.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I was going to see a film tonight, but I got kind of lazy. We go to clubs a lot. It sounds crazy because you think that we're doing so much work that we would just want to spend all of our free time in the hotel room but it breaks up the monotony going from venue to venue. So we enjoy hearing new music as well.

    Guest_lyonleo in Onstage19 asks: Janet I gotta know how do you deal w/ your first dates. I myself am back into the single dating scene (smile) it has its good points. What is the highlight of a great date?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I don't know if it's like this for other people, but it's this way for me, to truly get to know the person. Not the wrong "me's" not a self-centered person, but to get to know a part of their character and hopefully you like it. (laughs) I think that's

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: nice.

    RivalBoompsie in Onstage4 asks: In your new video, you do no dancing why did you and/or the director decided to do that, but on a good note I still liked the video!

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Gee thanks. (laughs) For one, it really wasn't that fitting for the concept. My grandmother on my mother's side, when she was alive, she lived in Alabama, down the road from where she lived there was a juke joint. And that reminded me a lot of the video shoot and to break out into the whole dance routine didn't fit in, so that's where the idea came from, Down in the Delta hot, and a dance floor where you could just do your own thing.

    Nikki_472 in Onstage5 asks: Hi, my name is Nikki and I'm a big fan of yours but here goes my question "when you wrote the song "Better Days" how did u feel "emotionally?" because the song you sing "better days" Help with my brokenheart and that i can have more better days *nikki*

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Very optomistic. A lot has gone on and to not wallow in that and to move on. To know that better days are here and there are more to come.

    Velvet_blackcat in Onstage7 asks: What's your biggest inspiration?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: There wouldn't be just one in particular, there would be a few. Fans would be one, also I get very excited when I see something I love. Children inspire me a great deal and being with my friends inspire me a lot. My friends inspire me so much, they got me to go on another tour, isn't that amazing.

    trublu67 in Onstage10 asks: janet, I have two left feet. How did you learn to dance like that? Janet_Jackson_Live says: It just came naturally, I guess, I never took lessons or classes. Just from watching my brothers and watching old MGM musicals and trying it myself in front of a mirror. If I can do it, I know you can do it. It just takes practice.

    melxena15 in Onstage7 asks: Hi Janet, beside the music, what is your passion ?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Acting, that would definitely be the other passion.

    destiny_133 in Onstage11 asks: Janet this is a stupid question, but do you cook?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: That's not stupid. Yes I do, but I don't. (laughs)

    DishDiva says: When your just home by yourself what are you most likely to make?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I don't. I'm really good at making sour cream taste really sweet really fast. I like strawberries and whipped cream but I don't eat whipped cream anymore so I just put a lot of Equal in my sour cream and use that. I used to cook a lot, corn bread, catfish

    Guest_Jeremy in Onstage16 asks: How did you feel when MTV did a tribute to you?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: It was wonderful! It was a special moment in my life and I felt very special that night.

    stel57 in Onstage11 asks: What part of the world would be your dream place to shoot your video?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: China.

    Guest_ragex02 in Onstage5 asks: janet this is connor and i have a question what was your most memorable moment from when u were a child?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Being with my brothers. What was so wonderful about that for me, is they never made me feel like I was in the way. They always included me, most older brothers and sisters don't do that. They don't want them hanging around, but my brothers never did that to me.

    MagneticNelson in Onstage5 asks: when I can have all for you music video dvd format, when it will be released?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I don't know.

    DeleonC in Onstage17 asks: Are you a Lakers fan or a Knicks fan?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: A Lakers fan. Are you kidding?! Magic would have my head, so would Shaq.

    nuttyjanetfan in Onstage19 asks: Hi Janet! Is it true that you want to do an action film? If so, is your eye on anything particular!! Dave - PA

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I would love to do an action film, as far as there being a script, no.

    Miss_Behave4 in Onstage13 asks: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I don't know if there's a favorite shop in particular. The way I usually shop is when I do a photo shoot there are so many clothes, that's how I get my shoes and jeans. I don't think there is an ultimate shop, I don't think there is one. I have a huge room with racks and racks of clothes to choose from for the shoot so I just pick from that what I like. It's nice.

    DishDiva says: Do you favor a particular color or designer?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: By favorite colors are black, red, and white. No one designer in particular, I love Galliano, Dolce and Gabbano, Gaultier, and I love a designer that I just learned of this year, Mark Haute.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: There are some that seem really funky that I'm just learning their names. I like David Cardona too.

    DishDiva says: Want to learn how you can make Janet Jackson's new single, "Someone to Call my Lover" # 1 on radio? Visit www.janetjackson.com for all the info!

    Sly1906 in Onstage8 asks: Janet, when does your clothing line come out?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Nope, I don't. You've got the wrong artist. (laughs)

    ArtistLaurel in Onstage10 asks: What does a typical "Janet" day look like?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: A not working day like today, just lay around and try to relax as much as possible. I was such a bum the last day off. I just couldn't decide if I wanted to just sit under the window and enjoy the breeze or go get a book. My friends were laughing at me because I literally couldn't decide. They told me to just sit and maybe I would want to read in a while.

    BubbleVicious1 in Onstage4 asks: Do you go online much?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: It's funny, I used to go on every day. But it's been a while. I know I have a lot of e-mail, I was going to do it today, but got busy.

    trashcn0 in Onstage11 asks: Which one of your songs says the most about you?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: You know, that's really tough, there's not just one, it depends on my mood. One would be "Special" one would be "Would You Mind" depending on the mood I'm in. Another would be "Feel So Right" and the grin you can't get off your face.

    Animuz9 in Onstage3 asks: Hey Janet! what is your favorite book?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: One that I absolutely love that helped me a lot in my live was "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" by Deepak Chopra. I also like autobiographies and "Bible Code", I couldn't put that down. I also liked "Celestine Prophecies."

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I have a new book "Message from Mary" that I hear is really good. Manolis_Varnasactor1 in Onstage8 asks: What has been the biggest disapointment you ever tasted so far?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I would probably say, and I hope he doesn't get me wrong, but the way Rene went about the whole situation between the two of us. I was disappointed with that. How did I overcome this? My friends.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: The Velvet Rope time in my life, that's how it truly happene d.

    freebird732 in Onstage6 asks: How did Joni Mitchell influence your work?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I think you hear it in the song writing. I love the way she's always been able to mix things. There's things that sounded very African in her music. She wasn't afraid of taking chances musically speaking, even lyrically. She wrote about what was on her mind and what was concerning her. Carly was the same. My brother Randy introduced me to her, he was big on folk music.

    Neptune_Cascade in Onstage5 asks: How do you relax yourself after all the hard tensions of being a celebrity?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Massage, read, hang out with my friends. The older I'm getting the more I'm realizing I'm enjoying conversation. Not having the TV on, maybe some mellow music and just talking and getting to know each other more. I'm really enjoying that the older I get.

    richrichie79 in Onstage10 asks: Janet, do you keep a journal?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: No I don't. I've always tried because I saw other girls doing that in films. But I could never do that, then I came to realize that my music, my albums are my journals.

    harleyridder in Onstage4 asks: Hello Janet! Is the rumor true that you have a tattoo of mickey and minnie mouse?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Yes. And they're havin a good ole time too! (laughs!)

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I don't think Mr. Disney would be too happy with my tattoos.

    RyhthmNation1814 in Onstage9 asks: What other artists do you listen to when you have your cd player on?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I listen to India.Arie, Jill Scott, St. Germaine, Cesaria Evora, there's a few others too. I like Craig David, I think he's talented. I'm enjoying Nikka Costa, I love her attitude, her rawness. I like music.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I like Bebel Gilberto and I'm a fan of her parents as well.

    Guest_MikeCheck12 in Onstage17 asks: Janet - I'm a huge fan! It's an honor to be chatting with you. Are there any plans to release Son of a Gun?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: That's one of the next singles. There will be two.

    True_Blue_Girl_13 in Onstage1 asks: Hey Janet! I LOVE YOU! I just wanted to know how you felt about the fact of your album being banned in some places?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: They give you a choice of either changing it or rolling with the punches and if you don't, it will be banned. I chose to let it be banned because that's how I was feeling, and I didn't want to change. I know it was banned for the sensual stuff. I thought it would be banned for the cuss words, but it wasn't. This isn't the first time I've been banned, so you kind of get used to it.

    LuvJones2C in Onstage2 asks: Hi, Janet. I think you are a positive role model and think you would make a great mother (when the time comes).

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: That's very sweet, thank you.

    Du190 in Onstage10 asks: Janet you are a HUGE inspiration to me and I want to thankyou first off! My question is do you have any advice for dancers (which I am) or just performers in general? Its my dream to dance for you! ~ Dara B.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Don't stop, keep on practicing, and to not just dance with your body, but also let the emotion show.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Dance with feeling, but it's not just from the neck down, it's from the neck up also.

    stel57 in Onstage11 asks: If you were to leave the whole spotlight, where would you go and what would you do?

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: I would probably be somewhere by the water where it's nice and warm. I would probably, if it had nothing to do with the industry what so ever, I would probably work with children in some way. Work with different charities.

    DishDiva says: Janet, thank you for joining us tonight from your tour. It's been great having you back on the MSN Live stage.

    Janet_Jackson_Live says: Thank you all! I love you! Hopefully I will see you all.