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  • British Maxim Magazine - September 2001 !

    M = Maxim J = Janet

    M: These photos would appear to finally quash the rumour that you and your brother Michael are one and the same person...

    J: I hear that story all the time and it's crazy. We don't look alike, do we?

    M: We can spot at least a couple of differences...

    J: The other rumour going around is that I have children and they're forced to stay in Europe and live under a different name. Oh, and that I've had four ribs taken out. Come on, if that was true I don't think I'd be around to deny it. Although it is true I've got a floating rib - one that isn't connected to the breast bone. Thankfully it's not painful because I'm forever popping it in and out of place.

    M: How many piercings have you got now?

    J: Just two - my nipple and clitoris. I did have my navel, nose, septum and tongue pierced, but now I'm left with my favourites. You've got to be careful with the clitoris because if the piercer doesn't know what he's doing, it can be numbed for good. That's why I got pierced a bit above the clitoris -there's no danger and you still get amazing sensations.

    M: Would that affect your sex life?

    J: Oh, it's an incredible feeling. It makes me feel hot the whole time, especially when I'm wearing tight pants. If you're pierced down there and you put anything tight on, you get this immediate reaction and boy, it's great.

    M: Did you have hundreds of volunteers queuing up to pierce you?

    J: That was the last one I had done and obviously, to have someone working in such an intimate area, you've got to feel comfortable with them. This great guy called Rob did it and we've become such good friends that we still stay in touch.

    M: So does that mean you like a Prince Albert piercing on a man?

    J: Oh yeah, I think it looks great if the guy's got a good sized package, and I hear the sensation is even better. The stage manager on my Velvet Rope tour had one and he couldn't keep it in his trousers - he was forever showing us. I've never been with a guy who's had one, but my female friends tell me it's a great feeling for them if the guy knows how to use it.

    M: Anything else you would like your ideal man to have?

    J: The three most attractive things in a man -aside from a good sized kickstand, of course - are a great smile, the self confidence to carry himself well and a nice accent. British accents are definitely good.

    M: So who's the greatest living Englishman?

    J: That's tricky because you have so many hot guys, but I love Robbie Williams. His music's great and he has a way of moving that makes it difficult to take your eyes off him. We were on the same Jay Leno show a few months ago and I really loved just sitting back and watching him.

    M: Did he have a crack at you?

    J: No, he was a typical Englishman and very polite. He was a lot of fun and thatís half the attraction.

    M: Any other Englishmen you've got your eye on?

    J: Prince William is so adorable. He's very good looking and I love the way he handles himself. I'm into David Beckham, too -he's definitely got something.

    M: We believe it's an art O-level

    J: I've never heard him speak so I can't comment on his brain, but he's a sexy looking guy. And I loved the mohican thing, it made him look a bit dangerous. He's got an edge, which I really like in a man.

    M: How do you feel about the state of the music industry and the rise of manufactured bands?

    J: I don't have a problem with it, but the thing that really crushes me is when I hear kids in new bands saying that they want to make a whole bunch of money. What about the love and the passion? People like Mick Jagger are still doing it because they have a passion for music and performing. But times have changed. When you look back to the rise of jazz or punk there were always older generations who refused to accept it, and assembling bands through TV shows is the latest in a long line of movements that meet with resistance from certain quarters. People don't realise that En Vogue were put together that way -they held auditions, not on TV, but they selected beautiful girls who could sing. Making a TV show out of it merely capitalises on that process.

    M: Who would you choose...Britney or Christina?

    J: That's a tricky one. When they first came on the scene I thought they were both kids trying to act sexy because someone had told them to. Before, it definitely would have been Christina because it looked more natural on her, but now I really couldn't choose between the two.

    M: When you were younger, did you have posters of the Jackson Five on your wall?

    J: No, I never had pictures of anybody on my wall. From the age of seven I was working and constantly travelling so I never had time for normal childhood pursuits. I did used to watch the cartoon of them on a Saturday morning, though. That was the first time I realised they were big stars. I can remember sitting there thinking, 'Gosh look, there are my brothers. Hang on, that looks nothing like them!'

    M: Being the youngest of nine children, did you always get to use the bathroom last?

    J: It was my brother Randy who was always last into the bathroom because he was forever lying in bed. It's funny because I was such a tomboy then that I never even used to lock the door. I'd be in the shower butt naked and I wouldn't care two cents if any of my brothers wandered in.

    M: Have you ever had to babysit Michael's chimp Bubbles?

    J: Yeah, Michael went to an awards show once and made me look after Bubbles and it was a total nightmare. I felt really weird because I was talking to him like he was a human, but he wouldn't do anything I asked and he started eating from my plate and grabbing my drink. Luckily he stopped short of throwing his shit around, but he misbehaved like kids do when their parents go out. And he had more clothes in his wardrobe than I did! There was formal attire, casual wear, pyjamas and 'I love Daddy' T-shirts. But as naughty as he was, he was adorable when he was asleep. He climbed jnto my bed and I woke up with him kissing me and picking my hair. I thought it was cute until I realised he was looking for lice! Then he started misbehaving again until Michael came home. As soon as he opened the door, Bubbles jumped straight into his arms and I was like, 'Please God, take him!'

    M: Have any of your fans taken similar liberties?

    J: On the Janet tour in America, I got this guy from the audience up on stage. It was all part of the show and I was dancing close to him when he suddenly grabbed me between the legs. I was so shocked I couldn't say anything, but the more I tried to pull away the harder his grip became. Nobody realised what was happening so it took ages for security to get there. Luckily this was before my piercing so he didn't do any real damage, but after that, whenever anyone came up on stage, I'd tie them to the chair. People thought it was a bondage thing, but I was really just protecting myself.

    M: You wear some saucy outfits on stage - what do you put on when you're feeling sexy offstage?

    J: I wear the guy! It's true because it's always the other person that makes me feel truly sexy. But clothes-wise, 1 love it when a woman wears men's clothing like an oversized shirt or trousers that hang really low - but with skimpy lingerie underneath. If I've got a pair of suspenders, I'll wear them under men's clothing. For me, that is incredibly sexy.

    M: Who's the sexiest woman alive?

    J: Angelina Jolie. She's another who's got something her. I don't know if ifs her attitude or her ass. For me, the ass is the most beautiful part of the body. Particularly one that you can really grab onto. Unfortunately I've never thought I've got a great ass, but I have recently discovered the small of my back. It's the first thing I've found that I truly like on me.

    M: Honestly, it's all highly acceptable. Would you reveal all of it like your sister La Toya?

    J: I've had a few offers, but I've always said no. The sexiest thing is the imagination - I always like to keep myself a little clothed. Besides, I think I've already come close enough.

    M: Be honest, have you had sex to one of your songs?

    J: I'd never done it until recently. It's weird when you're in this moment of intense passion and suddenly you hear your own detached voice. But I swear I didn't deliberately put it on. I've got a multi-changer CD system and it just happened to select Would You Mind' at that crucial moment. When it came on I was thinking, 'Well there's got to be a first time for everything' , but at the same time, part of me was thinking, 'Oh God! I hope this doesn't freak him out.' But if it did freak him, he certainly didn't let it show. In fact, I'd say it was definitely a good experience for both of us.