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  • Aftonbladet - March 19 2001!

    [Note: Interview loosely translated/edited from Swedish by the webmistress!]

    -I have a lot of different guys

    Aftonbladet's Martin Gelin met Janet Jackson who revealed that she herself likes to make the first move. She brags about her lovers. And simulates orgasm on the new record.

    - I am single and enjoying it, says Janet Jackson.

    She is sitting on a couch in Stockholm's Grand Hotel. The spring sun is lighting up her face and the stomach is empty.

    - I haven't time to eat properly. She laughs instantly and tells about her life after the divorce from Rene Elizondo, who she was married to for 13 years.

    - I don't have a boyfriend right now, I'm not looking for a steady relationship. I have a lot of different guys. It's very exciting, because it's the first time in my life that I am able to live that way, says Janet.

    - I used to go out with my girlfriends. They always get angry at me when I don't get that guys are interested in me. But I have to pick-up a guy by myself, otherwise I can't fall in love with him.

    On the cover for the new single "All 4 you" Janet lies naked on a bed, covered only slightly. On the new album she sings "I wanna kiss you, suck you, feel you deep inside me, I wanna make you come"." She is not shy. - At times I'm alone in the studio, light a few candles and take off some clothes. Sometimes I unbutton a few buttons in my pants, the rest you'll have figure out yourself, she says.

    You have often talked about having children, how do you feel now?

    - I have always thought that soon I would be a mother. But I'm worried that I wouldn't be good enough at it. The worst thing you can do is to neglect your children. I had eight and would like to have just as many myself, but right now I'm not in a rush, she says.

    - When did you last see your brother Michael?

    - Oh, that was actually a while age. We spoke on the phone the other week but we haven't seen each other for a long time. He is busy with his new album.

    Have you heard anything off his new album?

    No, he never lets me hear anything until it's finished. He is such a perfectionist that it's almost unreal. Sure, one should never do anything half and half, but there has to be a limit when one has to be done and then be happy with it.

    What did you do the last time you got together?

    -We just sat down and talked. Laughed at old memories, like when we werekids and played in our parents' garden. We practically had our on zoo, and Michael and I could walk around all day long and look at the animals.

    - You are both incredible dancers. What's it like when you go out, do you dance a lot then?

    - Sure! I was at a night club in Zürich last friday and danced all night long. I didn't get home until dawn. I dance to all kinds of music, house, R&B, hip hop, drum & Bass.

    But you work out every morning?

    -Six days a week. I get up at 6 o'clock and work out for two hourse with my trainer Tony. We work, lift weigths and so on. I like to lie down and do back exercises. It's nice.

    The new album is released on April 23rd and this summer the tour starts in the US and continues on to Europe.

    - As soon as I get back to USA we start rehearsing for the new live show. Then I'll come back here on the tour and then nobody will be disappointed.

    Tough days in Sweden:

    Janet Jackson doesn't have a lot of extra time for sightseeing or pleasure when she's in Stockholm. At least not during the days. Aftonbladet has her packed schedule with interviews and TV-interviews with Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Polish and Danish medias. Here's what she's been doing so far:


  • 16.30 - Arrived at Arlanda Airport, together with her posse of 21.
  • 17.00 - Arrives at Grand Hotel.
  • Monday

  • 12.00 - Interview with SVT "Pop i fokus".
  • 12.30. - Interview with TV4.
  • 13.05. - Break
  • 13.15. Interview with Finnish TV.
  • 13.35. - Interview with NRK, Norwegian TV and radio.
  • 14.05. - 30 minute lunch break.
  • 14.35. - Interview with "Topp", Norwegian show.
  • 15.15. - Interview with the Norwegian magazine VG.
  • 15.55. - Interview with the Danish newspaper Dagbladet.
  • 16.35. - Interview with Aftonbladet.
  • 17.05. - Interview with Expressen.
  • This is what she has left to do:


  • 12.00. - Interview with DR1, Danish TV.
  • 12.45. - Interview with Polish TV
  • 13.00. - Break
  • 13.15. - Interview with Gaffa Magazine, Denmark.
  • 13.45. - Interview with Danish radio P3.
  • 14.15. - Lunch break
  • 14.45. - Interview with Danish show.
  • 15.15. - Interview with Danish M Magasin.
  • 15.45. - Intervju med BT, Danish newspaper
  • 16.15. - Interview with Polish radio.
  • Wednesday

  • 13.00. - Make-up.
  • 14.00. - Leaves for TV4 Studios to tape "Sen kväll med Luuk".
  • 14.30. - Interview with P3's Mats Nileskär in the TV4 studio.
  • 15.00. - Rehersal.
  • 15.30. - Make-up.
  • 16.10. - Interview with Kristian Luuk, including performance
  • 17.00. - Interview with Swedish radio, NRJ.
  • 17.15. - Interview with Power hit radio.
  • 17.30. - Leaves for Arlanda airport.
  • 19.35. - Flight departure.
  • 22.10. - Arrival in Paris, France.