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    09/01/2001 Gunfire Hits Apartment Of Jackson's Nephew!

    Michael Jackson's nephew awoke in his East Side high-rise apartment to the sound of gunshots yesterday - as a mystery gunman blasted out his window from a car on the 59th Street Bridge, police said. Cops said the gunfire appeared to be random.

    Jermaine Jackson Jr., 23, who told cops he is a student, said he woke up at 5 a.m. and heard three gunshots and the sound of breaking glass. He went into his living room and saw that a large window facing the bridge was shattered. The bizarre incident came a day after the youth's father, Jermaine Jackson Sr., announced plans for a Jackson 5 reunion. Cops found a single bullet slug lodged in the living-room wall of Jermaine Jr.'s fifth-floor apartment on 59th Street. Police believe the shots were fired by someone in a car driving from Manhattan to Queens - who randomly sprayed the high-rises facing the bridge with gunfire.

    "It makes me kind of scared," said Danny Dileo, 24, who lives in a 30th-floor apartment in the building beside Jackson's. "I have an apartment facing the bridge. You never think of anything like this happening. It will be in the back of my mind now." Dileo's fiancée, Antonia Castiglia, 23, said, "I'm going to stay away from my window."

    Meanwhile, a spokesman for Michael Jackson confirmed the Gloved One is working with his brothers to record a new Jackson 5 album. "He'll be recording two or three songs," said Howard Rubenstein. But he said the King of Pop hasn't yet signed on for a tour - despite Jermaine Sr.'s insistence that Michael will hit the road with his brothers. "Michael has not committed to touring yet," Rubenstein said.

    Source: NY Post

    03/08/1999 Another Crooning Jackson!

    Jermaine Jackson's son, Jermaine Jr., is working on an album. I was told, [Ed: S2S] that he's working with someone named Scorpio.

    Source: Sister 2 Sister