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  • Jai Biography!

    Jai was born Jermaine Jackson II (Jr.) on January 27, 1977 to Jermaine and Hazel Gordy. As it turns out, Jai has been more into acting than music, unlike most of the family. His first acting experience came in 1988, when he had a small role in uncle Michael's Moonwalker. He was one of the dancers in the Badder version of the movie, alongside Brandon Adams and actress Nikki Cox.

    In 1989, Jai sang background vocals on the title song from Jacksons' album 2300 Jackson Street, together with many of his cousins. Since then he has not been featured on any released music.

    the next project to involve him was a made for TV movie called The Jacksons - An American Dream, in which he played his father Jermaine Jackson, aged 13-17. The movie, co-produced by Jermaine and his common-law wife Margaret, was released in 1992, and then later on home video.

    Today Jai lives in Manhattan, New York.