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  • Letter From Jackie!

    Welcome to FuturistEntertainment.com!

    In the coming months, we will be introducing you to the many varied components of the Futurist Entertainment Universe. In the high-tech age of digital revolution and emerging technologies, it is Futurist Entertainment's goal to be at the very cutting edge. This website will function as the home base, or space station, for all of the news, entertainment and programming that will be generated by Futurist Entertainment.

    First of all, I'm pleased to announce the "Official J5" Family website on the Internet. As many of the worldwide fans of the Jackson Five know, there are hundreds of sites that focus on the J5. As much as my family and I love and appreciate this support, we felt it was time for us to have an official and unified voice on the web. This wonderful new technology has given us the opportunity to welcome all of you into our worldwide community. We're thrilled to have this exciting new forum and I hope that you enjoy experiencing the old pictures, letters, journals and memories that will be presented exclusively on this site as much as we have enjoyed putting it all together.

    Secondly, we are very excited to introduce Daen as the first recording artist on Jesco Records, Futurist's own record label. Jesco Records will feature artists in Rap, Hip Hop and Pop with an R&B edge. This site will feature Music News and Trivia, Surveys, Polls and Photos, bios and downloads of Jesco Artists. Additionally, Jesco Records will be accepting MP3 Uploads from our users as we search for the best untapped talent around the world. So, keep uploading your music. Maybe your song will be recorded by one of our artists or you may even become a Jesco Artist yourself!

    Next, we are proud to introduce the Swirly 5! The Swirly's are a musical group from the stars who have come to earth to laugh, make music, learn and introduce new moves never before seen on this planet! In the Swirly 5 World, you can interact with the Swirly's through Games, Music Videos, Desktop Downloads and Flash Animation. Did I mention that the Swirly's just signed a three-album deal with Jesco Records? They just recorded their first single. Steptune is amazing on lead vocals and Zees can really move….when he's not eating! I can't wait until you hear them.

    In our FE-TV World, we are featuring the groundbreaking Interactive Drama, Student Affairs. This is a program that is designed exclusively for the Internet and the technological advantages it offers. Student Affairs will feature daytime mainstays John Loprieno, (One Life to Live and As The World Turns), Krista Tesreau (One Life To Live and Guiding Light) and Brian Fitzpatrick (All My Children and Young and the Restless). We're sure that you will agree that this is the Future of the Internet and Television combined! Watch for Student Affairs in mid-2001!

    Last but not least, Futurist Entertainment offers Gear World. This is the aspect of our site that offers e-commerce from each of our unique worlds; exclusive high quality J5 collectible merchandise sanctioned by the only "Official J5" site on the web, CD's and downloads from Jesco Records, Swirly 5 music and toys for all ages and clothing and accessories from the world of Cutter Valley University the back drop of Student Affairs. These are just a few of the many fine products that Futurist Entertainment will offer in the coming months!

    So sit back and enjoy the many Worlds of Futurist Entertainment. 2001 is going to be the start of a new Era and Futurist Entertainment is the gateway to the next millennium!

    - Jackie Jackson