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    YANA stands for "You Are Not Alone". This is a group iniciated by MJNI, because a lot of FANatics were complaining about having nothing to do between albums. The groups are named after this beautiful song because our goal is that NO MJFan should be alone anywhere. My groups is that of Southern Sweden. We get together as often as we possibly can and talk about Michael. We also go to concerts together and stuff like that. If you're in Sweden, E-mail me (Caroline) for more information or to join, if you're not from Sweden, contact MJNI to find a group near you!
    What are you waiting for? - It's fun!

    I currently live in Honolulu, Hawaii because I go to school here, and I'm trying to start up another group here! So if you're in the Honolulu area (or at least on O'ahu) and you're interested, please contact me at !


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