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    Welcome to the JRU Neverending Story! It just goes on and on and on....

    Part 1 - By Caroline

    One evening in November, Randy, Rebbie, Janet and Michael sat in the couch watching TV. Michael had rented a movie that he wanted to watch, but Janet wanted to see the FOX Network Premiere of the Nutty Professor sequel. She grabbed the remote and switched channels. Michael started wining:

  • Do we have to watch this???
  • Come one Mike! she said. I heard its really good!
  • But....
  • What movie did you rent? Rebbie asked.
  • Scream! I've been dying to see it! I just love that title!
  • I want to watch that one too! Randy said. Jan!!!!!!!
  • Janet finally gave up when everybody wanted to watch Scream.

  • Oh, alright! I guess I can't rent it later!
  • Finally! Michael sighed.
  • Michael pressed play and grinned happily.

  • Latoya!!!!!!!! The movies's starting! Randy yelled.
  • Latoya was upstairs doing her makeup.

  • Don't Bother Randy! Michael said. You know she's gonna take her time! She knows that I've invited a few friends over later....
  • So? Rebbie asked.
  • MALE friends.....
  • Oh....
  • When they came to the scene where Drew Barrymore gets sliced, Rebbie had had enough.

  • This is too much for me...It's too scary!
  • But, it's only a movie! Michael said!
  • Well...I can't watch! I'm gonna go make some more popcorn in the kitchen...
  • Chicken!
  • Shut Up!
  • Rebbie went into the kitchen. She has just started making popcorn when she heard a horrible scream! She ran into the kitchen.

  • What was that? What happened?
  • That wasn't the movie...Randy said. It came from upstairs!
  • Oh my god! Latoya! Janet screamed.
  • They all rushed up the stairs only to find Latoya's room empty and the window open.

  • Do you think she's been kidnapped!?! Rebbie asked
  • Maybe she's just playing around! Michael said. You know how Latoya can be! Come out, come out whereever you are!

    But there was only silence...

  • This isn't funny anymore, Latoya!
  • Can I hold your hand, Mike? Rebbie asked.
  • Sure!
  • Suddenly the lights went out!

  • I'm scared! I don't like this one bit!
  • Calm down Rebbie, Michael said. Come on, let's go downstairs! We have to find Latoya! Here Rebbie, take my hand!
  • I am holding your hand!
  • No, you're not!
  • It wasn't Michael's hand she was holding.

    Part 2 - By Karla

    Rebbie felt cold clamminess as Tito's hand, now Tito's corpse's hand, holding on to hers. She screamed in agony, her beloved brother bleeding still even without his heart pumping. She dropped his hand and froze in complete shock and fear, struggling to keep consciousness. A struggle she soon lost as she feinted dead away. Janet, downstairs, ran up to check on Rebbie and Michael, and yes, even Latoya.

  • "Rebbie!? Michael!? Latoya!? Are you guys ok?"
  • She stepped up the stairs tenatively. There was not a sound to be heard in the entire house besides the frightening soundtrack and horrible sounds emenating from the television scream. Knew we should have watched the Nutty Professor single." She murmured to herself out of nervousness. She screamed out loud, flailing her arms in front of her face as the possible assailant leaped out in front of her. Expecting a heavy blow, she was startled as she felt a gentle touch on her shoulder.

  • "Janet, it's ok, it's just me, Michael."
  • Janet breathed a great sigh of relief.

  • "Oh, thank goodness, that is, unless you're going to turn into a werewolf on me."
  • Michael laughed nervously.

  • "No, don't worry, no werewolves or zombies tonight, c'mon, we gotta see if Rebbie's ok."
  • They walked into the next room were Rebbie was, for Michael had run out of, hoping she would be following, but she hadn't. Janet gasped and covered her mouth, turning around so as not to witness the horrible view in front of her of Tito's body and Rebbie's faint form.

  • "Oh my God! Tito!' She gasped.
  • He hadn't even been here, how had his body gotten here, they were all in danger. They probably had Latoya now.

  • "Janet, I think we're in trouble."

  • Do You Wanna Continue The Jacksonville Horror?

    Let me know and start writing! Any characters may be introduced, including the likes of Fuzzball & Hooter!
    Try to keep your story around 200 words, but you're more than welcome to write more than one part!
    Your story should begin with the words: "Janet, I think we're in trouble."


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