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for..[the gUy] i miss so much.. this a nice page..sigh..dunno wad to sae.."i miss u ~how i wish u cld be mine.."sigh..he will nvr get to hear me say this..cos..i dun even dare to..hiaz..ppl wil tink im such a bitch..hez with [her] already,y am i stil interfering with them?hiaz,.sigh..but i realli miss him..sometimes i wonder how thgs wld b i cld b withhim..i'll b so happie to sae?i just feel gd wen hez ard me~hiaz..all e times tt we[not alot]bleahz but least there wuz such a time [once] that me n him were rthr clse.msging each other..oh man.i realli miss him..i duno if itz just a crush..well,i basically stil hope he cld come back to me.=Phee.[me] will b overjoyed,just to haf him in my workload veh heavy.[sch work],dun even haf time to tink of him..maybe ttz e best way to forget a person?but well,i stil do miss him a great deal.n no doubt..i love him!for who he is.!not jux cos hez frm wadever sch..i dont realli care where hez from~but i just love him.heh.hee..he's so piggy pig pig..~~~hahaz~lazy. if i cld turn back time,i'd rather he n i start off as frens b4 i let him noe how i feel bt him..everythg we're not even frens.ttz e worse ending..n tt got me real sad.=( n i stil tink abt him even thou he sorta disappeared frm my life~i stil tink abt him..thou i onli noe him fro a short while.. wad cAn i sae?[jUz not meAnt to bE]..

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