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This page is for you.....Le'en...=)

hee.stil under construction...haha!hey,seriously,i wanna thank u for being such a great fwen...ttz y i made a page...for u...hahah!yahz.hope u lyk.though the pic not veh clear.. haha.k, 1)thank u for ur patience 2)thank u for being so fun-loving 3)thank you for always bringing joy to pplz lives. 4)thank you for ur all mistakes. 5)thank you for ur honesty 6)thank you for ur cutiness 7)thank you for giving me advices 8)thank you for being so "harsh" on ur words(no la,but im not blaming u=P) 9)thank u for being u 10)thank u for being sucha great pal,n brother?as u've always treated me like a sis?hee.. thank u for everything...haha..k,wanna tk this chance to wish u all the bez too,in everything...=)tk cr!! luv, angela. (hope u like this)

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