~* Mah Guy Friends *~
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~* Mah Guy Friends! *~

    -LiL Nicky-

    Nicholas Smith
    Nick is a unique person. But he's Great! Love him still.
    We are no longer "together" anymore tho. But he's still an AWESOME friend,
    and I wouldn't trade that for the world! Luv ya babe!


    Chuck Lowe
    Chuck is great! I love to just sit and talk to him!
    And no matter what he EVER says, He's always a Sweetheart! Luv ya hun!


    Louis William Strapp lV
    LOUIE!!! Love him. He's great! He's so open and everything!
    He's a great person to talk to and is always very comforting!
    Now, Does it get much better than that? I think not.:P
    Luv ya Louie! and yes.. I really do.


    Sabian Broc Robert Howisen
    Here is one of my GREAT friends, Sabian.
    He is so cool. I love him, he's great!
    I hope I never loose him as a friend.

    Michael Scott Howard
    Me and Mikey are friends again and I'm happy bout that.
    He is definitely not like other guys, and thats what makes him so great!
    He is a pain at times, but you get over it. Luv ya Mikey!

    David Alan DeLosSantos
    David amd me have kinda hit a spot where we don't talk that much.
    It sux. David used to be one of my best guy friends. I donno what happened.
    But whatever it is... it sux azz. Welp. David, I still love ya like a brotha!
    Hope we end up being friends again!


    Ryan Scott Montague
    Ryan is the coolest guy.
    Me and him have been friend for a few
    And I can honestly say he has always been there for me.
    I dunno what I would do without that
    Thank you so much Ryan! Luv ya hun

    Lance Williams
    This is a truely UNIQUE sprit. He is truely great.
    I think he sees things for what they really are.
    He doesn't try to hide his emotions and he listens
    He's just an all around great guy! Luv ya!


    Matthew Richard Palmer
    My Lil Matty FoFo! Haha. Matthew is great! Tons-o-fun to talk to.
    He'll always find something to talk about. You mainly let him do the talkin in a conversation.
    But he's great and I love em!


    Lucas Richie
    Luke is my buddy! We would hang out in classes and stuff.
    He's really fun to talk to and is hillarious at times!
    You just gotta watch out for his Challenges! ;)
    Luv ya Luke!


    Brian Michael Raderstorf
    Check out my buddy Brian!:D hehe. Well, me and him talk on the net.
    Ya never know, someday we might be really good friends. But right now we are friends.:D
    He's fun to talk to! He's just great!:D
    Luv ya Brian!!!

    Shawn Patrick Walter
    SHAWNY! Shawn is my great buddy! He and him joke alot.
    But I think of him as like a brother to me really. lol:P
    Luv Ya Princess! haha

    Hercules Harmon
    My friend from way back! He's a really good friend though.
    Always sticking up for me and talkin to me! He's really great.
    Neva afraid to stand out in a crowd or be different.
    Thanx Herc!:D Luv ya!

    Kyle Thomas Cook
    Kyle is great! We have been buds awhile. He's been there for me.
    Through thick and thin, Just to listen or whatever he does. Lol
    But yea.. and REALLY great Friend. and Thats what I need these days!
    Luv ya Kyle!

    -Baby Boner-
    Chad Lake Allen
    This is Lil Miss Briana Helton's Man! Lol. He's kewl.
    I talk to him a lil bit here and there. He's a cute lil dorkwad, right Bri?hehe..

    Robert Ehersman
    This is my good buddy Bobby. I love him. He is so fun.
    He talks an awful lot tho. Sometimes I wonder if he EVER stops!Lol..
    But he's still great, a BIG jokester and not afraid of ANY dare.
    Luv ya Bob!


    Alexander James Childers
    Alex and I talk a lil here and there. We try not to argue.
    But you know how that goes!
    Welp.. Love ya!


    Joshua Lee Cowsert
    A really good friend. I have known him for quite awhile! Since like 3rd grade.
    We have pretty much been buddies ever since.Josh has seemed to watch out for me,
    and I apperciate it.Luv ya Josh, Thanx!


    Jacob Michael Cole
    This kid is awesome! Maybe a lil upset at times, but he'll get over that!
    He is a blast to talk to!Luv Ya Jake!

    Matthew Dennis
    Welp. Me and him talk on the bus and stuff. He's Pretty cool to talk to.
    He's more down to Earth than his other brothers. Haha
    Luv ya Matty!

    Kyle Brooke
    Kyle is a great guy. I trust him. I haven't talked to him in awhile, but yeah.
    He has been there for me a few times and I really apperciate it!
    Thanx Kyle! Luv ya Hun!

    Justin Jordan
    Okay, So I don't know this guy that well but I have hung out with a few times
    And he's fun to hang with!!


    Lart Ryan Craft
    Ryan is gettin better about being shy. Lol. He has a crush on me.
    Ain't that cute?:D Lol.. He's tp afraid to ask tho. I think its cute.
    Luv ya Ryan.. and "Stay Cool!" Lol;)

    Justin Brown
    This is my bud that I talk to on and off in the halls!
    He's a fun person to talk to! We walk and talk. It's all good!
    Luv ya Justin!

    David Lee Yingling
    I don't talk to David a whole lot anymore. Last time we talked, he decided to be all "big & bad."
    It was pretty darn funny. He tried to knock me down, But he wasn't sucessfull.
    he lost his glasses in the barn tryin to do it.. Haha!
    I still love him tho!Hehe!


    Jared Donald Reid
    This is my buddy from Winamac. I've finally met him! Lol. He's pretty Kewl.
    I met him at the Pestilent, Nero, and G.R.I.P. Concert!
    He's still great! Luv ya Jared!

    Zachary Dennis
    Zach is an A-hole. End of Story.