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Jewish Links

I need your suggestions for educational websites to be posted on the new Temple Beth Am website as soon as possible.

Sorry to keep bothering you but we want these sites available to the children and temple members when the new site is posted.

Once again we want websites that are purely learning and educational and non commercial.

This week's current Torah Portion - Union for Reform Judaism

Union for Reform Judaism - Torat Chayim - Living Torah

Children's Links


General Jewish Sites

Hebrew Links

Holidays and Calendars



Jewish History

Jewish Literature

News Links

Torah Study


Jewish Clipart

Music and Movies


Janie G wrote the following (August 21, 2006)

I'm checking out the sites for children a few at a time.

I would love to see the following sites on our website:
For Jewish toys, games, etc.
Chai Kids-Jewish Gifts for Children

For general info

The book connection is good, but we should also list
URJ PRESS - For a Lifetime of Jewish Learning

That's all, so far. I am checking for Reform Judaism appropriateness.