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To My Peoples

I have come to realize who the most important people are in my life. I just wanted to thank them all in a small way. Just to let everyone know I think about them often from here in florida. or wherever the wind takes me.

  • Lee Anna~You are my LL..My best friend. Thanks for everything, always being there for me, listening to me, and comforting me. we've been through the best of times, and I wouldnt have it any other way.

  • Paul~ You are the goofball of us all. That will never change, and constantly I can count on you to make me laugh. You're awesome, and I cant even begin to tell you how much your friendship has meant to me over the last 7 months in florida..but try not to idolize the big rat too much once we're out of here. its a bit creepy in reality.
  • Stinkerbell~ You're my twin. You gotta face it sooner or later. Nothing is ever going to change between us. You're my cousin, and one of my closest butties!! Thanks for your jokes. unfortunately I have caught on to them, so the world must watch out.

  • Alzababe~ I love you al..

  • Kyle~ Hayoob, need I say more?

  • Joe~ It was short. but it was sweet. We spent everyday, and everynight together. You let me experience new things with you, and I am forever greatful for it. Something you'll never understand is just how much I am in love with you. You were my first for a lot of things. Maybe someday you will understand what went wrong, and things may work themselves out. But even then its going to take alot of work. A piece of me is going to love you forever. This friends thing is working for now. but just keep this in mind.. " If you love me, then you got to let me know but if you dont love me, you got to let me go cuz i cant keep waiting for you anymore."
  • Kathryn~ hey kaffins, I dont care what other people think. You're my friend. One of the best. Thanks for everything. And if you ever need a good laugh, remember...Blue Trumpet.

  • Adam- I have no idea what to say to you. I talk to you all the time, you're my sweetheart and you keep me calm 99% of the time. You're my "therapist" even tho you hate me with a passion(*inside joke, not literally*), most days anyways. Do you think we'll ever get to try working out or dilemmas in person? you're so hot, and thank you for helping me with my self esteem.

  • rob- I am not so sure what to say to you other than the fact that you confuse me ("close your eyes and tell me you're gay")Oh and by the way DIPSHIT...I love you. You're my best guy friend I ever had. We have the good memories. with MANY more to come.