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My Poems  

My Poems

These are ones worth sharing! :o)

Welcome to my poems page!!

This is the link to my poems. and well, you might not understand them, but behind each one that I decide to put on the page, is a personal meaning to it, some of them are serious, others are sad, some of them I was just being a dork and needed to voice something inside of my head. I dont mind if you look at them, as long as you dont take them from me,or copy them. They mean alot to me, and they are my thoughts and emotions all jumbled up. I hope you enjoy reading them!!

The fire enrages inside of me
I call out to you, wanting to hold you
wanting to be with you, the one
the one who holds my heart
the one who makes me smile
the feeling that remains unspoken
the unspoken feeling that stays a mystery
coming and going like the rising and falling of tides
the feeling that makes you laugh
or the one that comes from the pit of your stomach making you want to cry
the feeling that makes me refuse to look at myself
the real true me
I never have, never will, never want to
I pick my clothes, not caring any longer
to impress upon my peers
I pick up my shoes, wishing they were someone elses, as the pain drowns me into a world beyond
and, again, i am forced to surrender
giving into the safe warm feeling of having your arms around me
& to be with the one who holds my heart
& worst of all, probably doesnt even know it.

My Angel
Everywhere I go
Everything I see
I see your beautiful eyes
staring into me
I get lost, into this world
unknown to man
I fall into your arms
feeling all that I can
When I dream,
I feel your sweet embrace
You're the one I need
the one I love
you may ask me why
I'll just say
because you're my angel

Eyes of a Stranger
I have seen in the eyes of a stranger
I have seen them do wrong
I have seen them wander about
worrying if they are doing right
I have seen in the eyes of a stranger
I have seen them looking for new paths out of trouble
I have seen them looking at others with hate, pain and sorrow
I have seen in the eyes of a stranger
I have seen them as happy as can be
I have seen my identity in these eyes known to the stranger
because the stranger was looking at me.

Everything is a mess
Everything is a blur
I smile, I frown
but the pain I feel never seems to fail
If you take my heart
take my hand, hold me tight
do all that you can
be there for me
thick and thin
hug by kiss
secret by inch
& inch by secret
help me uncover, but not too fast
help me discover, but not too slow
help me find the good i have forgotten
and help me forget the bad I have become
but most of all,
please help me accept myself for who I am,
and Help me know that I cannot change the who I am meant to be.

I will not be your victim
and I will not be your child anymore
My tears run down each cheek
as I give my cry for help and
the cry to hide the pain.
the bigger the problem,
the more I fear I will not be heard
I will be me, and do only for me
you can not hold me back anymore
you can not keep me in these chains
I need to be free
My tears need to flow
I can not stand back and watch you grow
grow, into bigger and better things
you cant keep doing this to me
I can not keep falling back in love with thee
I need to fly away
I need to be free
I need to re-discover me

The Anniversary
Today my heart aches with the sorrow of one
My stomach turns in knots
the chills shrivel up my spine
I break down and curl myself to the floor, as I begin to cry
I get feelings as if I want to die
I try to hide the pain, the feelings
and most of all the tears
I keep telling myself I am strong
at mind, and most of all at heart
I tell myself I am beautiful
even though I'm really not
I try to take my own advice
But I find it hard to follow through
I attach myself too easily
I fear the consequences
I have finally learned to let go, and it hurts me
now more than ever
the question now is...
What do I do, now that I have the courage to follow through?

The Memory's Past
the memories pass through my head
over and over again
of the times we laughed
and of the jokes we told
the memories pass of the countless times you let me cry on your shoulder
or crawl in bed beside you falling asleep on your tummy
the memories pass of when i was always smiling
and of all the good we've shared
the memories pass of all the times that meant something
or that we cuddled until we were forced to part
the memories pass of the bad
the ones that seem to disappear over night when i'm with you
the memories become memories because they mean something
they shall never be forgotten
and stay with you always
the memories pass when there is the day that comes and you need the "good ol' cry"
the memories pass to become part of the past so its easier to move on and make new ones
the memories pass through my head now as i lay me down to bed
over and over again
just to keep a smile on my face

(untitled~ 7-14-01)
watching the clouds
watching the lightning
everything's passing
everythings striking
things around me collapsing
feelings relapsing
I am done with you
you'll never understand what you've put me through
i thought you were serious
i thought you were true
of all the times you said "I love you"
again i was fooled
again i was tricked
i should learn not to be so quick
i let you hold my hand
i let you hold my heart
but everytime i did
why did it always feel like you were tearing it apart?

Missing (11-21-01)
I am missing someone or something in my life
I am missing the glow in my eyes
I am missing the feeling in my heart that makes it tick-tock and boom boom
I am missing the blue eyes that matched the sky
I am missing the hands that held mine when i was cold or alone
I miss the way I could love you, and not push you away
I miss the way I loved you and I didnt have to worry about losing you to her.
I miss the way I didn't have to be Jealous.
But most of all,
I miss how you protected me, and opened my eyes to a new world
I miss the way you loved me.