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Spelling is the writing of a word or words with all necessary letters and diacritics present in the correct order. It is one of the elements of orthography.
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Free Spelling Lessons

On-Line Lessons-Spelling

The Spel-Lang Tree
A Word Study Program

Everyday Spelling

Mrs. Alphabet offers new techniques for learning
alphabet, phonics, math, and reading.

Spelling Ticklers (Schoolmission)

Teaching Spelling and Word Study
in the Language Arts Workshop

ELEaston Pronunciation

Education World ® Lesson Plan
Cooperative Group Spelling Game

Education World® Lesson Planning Center
Desktop Spelling

Education World ® Lesson Plan
Spell, Shoot, and Score

Spelling Battleship

Spin and Spell

Everyday Spelling
Spelling List Files

Spelling Plans
from The Teacher's Desk

Education World ® Lesson Plan
Spelling Relay

Education World ® Lesson Planning
Word Wall 'Active-ities'
Build Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing Skills

Free Spelling Course

How to Improve Your Spelling

How to Fix Spelling
and Grammar Errors

How to Teach a Teenager With a Learning Disability
How to Spell

Levels of Spelling Development


Daily Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Interactives – Grades 1-12

Spelling Bee Quizzes

Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee

Merriam-Webster's Spell It!

Spelling Bees for Adults

Spelling it Right - Learn to Spell Confidently

Spelling - Scholastic

Spell Well: Let the Web decide!


Spelling Tests

Build Spelling, Vocabulary, Puzzles and over 40 worksheets from your words!(EdHelper)

Spelling and Vocabulary

Spelling Theme Page

Catch the Spelling Game

Spellarama letter cards

Spell Check Game
How to Use the Spell Checker in Microsoft Word


Spelling IE-EI

Spelling: Common Words That Sound Alike

Logical Spelling - Useful spelling rules for teachers

Spelling Rules for Students - Blackline masters

Reading from Scratch - Spelling Rules

A few spelling rules

Spelling Rules

Class Notes Spelling

Word Bank of 1200 High-Usage Words

100 Most Often Misspelled Words

Look Cover Write and Check