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Temporarily Closed by Pooped Out Worker Pixies
Holding Dolly Hostages

Uh Oh! Nancy's Place "Frequently Asked Questions" is closed.
If you have a strong urge to hunt me down, email me here

The real reason this page is closed, is because:
    I've just been too busy to design it
    I'm sort of working on it   more or less.
    I'm not your momma!
    This isn't a school

So until then, this page is staying closed

Actually, I don't know what to put on the page.

It's a doll site !
How much FAQ does it need ?

If you don't know how to use drag & drop
If you don't know how to save images
What are you doing here?

There are site's with fantastic tutorials on all sorts of things....go check some out.

Come back soon !
Or not!
Makes no difference to the pooped out worker pixies either way!