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Hey my name is Brooke Kramer*! I am 13 and an 8th Grader at Casey Middle School*! I am SiNgLe*! But I kinda already like somebody, and ya know who you are*! I have blonde hair and blue eyes*! I am about 5'5" or 5'6" I have one little brother, Matt*! I have MSN my addy for that is and I also have ICQ my number is 127873275 So Add Me*! I will talk to anybody*! hehe

My Friends!*

Nikki Sipe

Hey hey*! Man we have been best friends since the 3rd Grade*!~ Geeze*! haha We have had soo many good times together*! You have done so much for me especially during the past couple of years*! I have no clue what I would do the past couple of years. You mean a lot to me. YoUr HaIr SmElLs GoOd! LOL! Your such a sweetie! Stay that way and dontcha ever change! Good luck this year! Luv Ya

Tracy Vore

Hey chick*! Your one of mah bestest friends*! Your awesome*! Man we have soo many fun and CRAZY times together*! haha Dude it sux that we aren't on the same team this year*! Your such a sweetheart*! Dontcha ever change*! Thanx for alwayz being there for me*! Ready Or Not Here I Come*!~ haha Good luck w/the guys and you know who*! haha Luv Ya

Mackenzie Thomas

Hey woman! We have known each other forever! Your soo CrAzAy*! Omg!! I can't believe that you actually got me to eat that ice cream thingy*! haha It was like ice cream, lemons, and coke*! It was good*! haha Your a real sweetie*! Stay that way! Good luck this year w/cheerleading and w/the guyz*! Luv Ya

Lisa Garcia

Hey chick*! Your awesome*! It sux that we aren't on the same team this year*! We don't really get to talk all that much, but we do every chance we get*!~ Your a great friend*! He Ran Over Mah Leg*!~ haha Ya Got Any Cherries In There?! LOL*! Good luck w/Aaron*! Luv Ya Chick

Katie Blankenship

Hey Kaybee*! haha Oh my gurl you are KrAzY*! Your awesome and a great friend*!~ Thanx for everything that you have done for me*! DSPOTBPOY?! haha Good luck w/you know who*! You guys would look soo cute together*! hehe Stay Sweet*! Luv Ya Chick*!

Hannah Mason

Hey hey*! We have known each other ever since dance*! And woha that was a long time ago*! haha I'm glad that you are one of mah close friends again*!~ Thanx for alwayz listenin to mah problems*! hehe PuRpLe?! Duh.. PuRplE*!~ Belly Shirt Man*!~ *HmM and CtP* JAMES*! LOL*!~ Good luck with you know who*! haha Stay Sweet*!~ Luv Ya

Dani Finn

Hey hey chick*!~ Your like freakin awesome*!~ I know I can tell you anything*!~ I don't know what I would do without you! JAMES*! LOL! Your such a sweetheart*!~ Stay that way*! Good luck w/you know who*!~ Luv Ya

Christina Bruno

Hey Tiny Tina*! haha I'm so glad that we have become friends during the past year*! You are such a sweetheart*!~ Stay that way! The Squirt Bottle Fight that we had was sooo much fun*! haha And the Marshmellow Fight*!~ LoL*! I'm sorry about the Plastic Bottle thing*! haha But ya gotta admit that was really funny*! LOL*!~ Good luck w/the guyz*! Luv Ya

Kristin Gemmell

Hey gurl*! We were like so close last year*! This we aren't as close but I hope that we stay friends *forever* Cuz your so sweet*! hehe Dontcha change a bit! Get away, Get away, Get away, Get away, NoW*! LoL*! Oh my! That Looks Like Maxi Pad Paper*! LOL!! Remember that?! Good luck with the guys*! Luv Ya

Denae Jones

Hey babe*! haha We have known each other Forever! Man we were alwayz over at each others houses*! haha I hope that we become good friends again cuz your such a sweetie*!~ Stay that way*! Paper*Duh~Shay*! Do you have Squares?! LOL! Good luck with the guyz*! Luv Ya

Emily Sherman

Hey gurl*! We have known each other for a while now. We don't really know each other all that well but I hope that we become really good friends! Cuz your awesome*! Your a sweetie*! Stay that way! Well good luck w/the guys*! Luv Ya

Holly Lockhart

Hay babay*! haha I am so glad that we are on the same team this year cuz we are becomin really close*! Your really sweet*! Mom.. I'm so Happy i'm gettin mah own ApartMent*! LoL*! Gurl we have soo much fun on the bus*! haha Good luck w/the guyz*! Luv Ya

Emily Young

Hey hey*! I am so glad that you moved here last year*! Church wouldn't be the same without ya*! haha We have had some good times together*! Your hair SmellS Nice*! haha Stay Sweet*! Good luck this year*! Luv Ya

Ashley Thompson

Hey gurl*! Your are soo much fun to hang out with*! I hope that we stay friends forever cuz your such a sweetie*! Stay that way*! Your cuzzin looks good*! haha He ran Over My Leg*! haha Good luck w/the guyz*! Luv Ya

Allison Rohde

Hey buttpincher*! LOL*! Omg!! That was soo funny*! Oh Man*! Gurl we have known each other since like Kindergarten*! Your awesome*! I have know clue what I would do without you*! Thanx for everything that you have done for me*! Good luck w/the guyz*! Luv Ya

Laura Vohlken

Hey chick*! I don't know ya all that well*! But like your awesome*! Harry Potter is so sexay*! haha And I just love his big glasses and his bangs that hang down in his eyes*! LoL*!~ Good luck w/the guyz*! Luv Ya

Sorry this isn't all of them, but I will add more later*!

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SoMe LiNks*!

Katie Blankenship