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As you already know, physically, I have long black hair, chubby, 5'1 in height, and 1x1 lbs. I'm also nice- to the people who give respect and are nice to me, crazy/happy- most of the time because I try to hide my negative emotions under smiles (everybody has their way to hide unwanted emotions and this is what I do). What else is there to say about me??? Well, I want to become a nurse and I'm working myself on getting there soon. I'll write more later... Lastly, I'm a very outgoing person and very chameleon like because I go with the flow.. changes color when necessary to match the environment.

more good friends. The ones that will understand my doings and yet shut me off when Iím going over board. I'd like to meet a lot more people and I will meet a lot of people because my life doesn't stop here. I will share whatever I can share to be good to the people I will meet because I want them to love me for who I am and to what I will become as time goes by.
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Searching for a second job is mah only interest at this time.

Zodia Sign and Chicken Soup.

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