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Welcome To Ms. Claudine Barretto's Tribute Site

What is so special about it? Well, this site is just a try-out. If this site receives more than 20 hits a day, I will keep it. In addition, if it receives more than 40 hits a day, I will add more features and pages.

After I saw the trailer of "Got 2 Believe in Magic", I went to surf for Claudine's Official website. I thought...she's so famous that she have one. I was wrong. So, I decided to add her to the 'Chers Webring'. I hope you like it. If you're a first time viewer of 'Chers Webring' please visit my other works. Follow the links below. =)

Claudine's Loveteam!

I'm sorry to all Claudine's fans. I'm sorry I did not post her tribute site on the date I mentioned. I postponed it due to, Rico Yan's death and I didn't want her website to receive "hatred" msgs. coz of the contraversies and confusions during Rico's funeral.

I hope you understand me. Please, let's respect Claudine and try not to leave hurtful messages for her to see in this site. She's a person like us and we all need to be respected.

For more info:

This Website is not only dedicated to Claudine Barretto. This website is also dedicated to Rico Yan (RIP). I was going to make a website for Rico after I post Claudine, but I don't think it is going to happen.


Please be advise that some of the content is not my possesion and I would appreciate it if you don't tamper with any of Claudine's pictures and information.

If some of the pictures belongs to you and want me to remove them please email me at also it is important for all of you to know that all CHERS TRIBUTE SITE are not official websites!

Claudine's Bio

Showbiz History:

Claudine started out as a mainstay of the phenomenal hit gag show, Ang TV. With the young and talented gang in the show, her performing has become her net skin. For a short period of time, she was taken as a co-host of the popular Sunday noon-time show, A.S.A.P. on ABS-CBN.

As a mainstay of several television shows, Claudine has proven that she can also act. She played Kevin Cosme's daughter in the high-rating sitcom, Home Along Da Riles and shared many comedy antics with no less than the King of Comedy himself, Dolphy. Also, she used to play a major role in Oki Doki Dok, a hit sitcom topbilled by Aga Muhlach.

Claudine demonstrated her versatility through her one-month stint as the Star Drama Theater featured artist and her top rating drama series Mula Sa Puso.

Today, Claudine continues to beguile and impress everyone through her competent performance as the rational Rosemary, the bitchy Rosenda and the talented Rosario in the ABS-CBN primetime soap opera, Saan Ka Man Naroroon.To date, Claudine has starred in 12 movies including the critically acclaimed films May Minamahal, Pare Ko, Madrasta, Soltera and Calvento Files: The Movie. Her portrayal of a bad girl (Mela) in Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita earned her a reputation as one of the country's best actresses, and still very young at that! Claudine has been cited by Star Awards as the Best New TV Personality (1997).
This young lady has already invaded the vast realm of multimedia. Claudine has pervaded into every Filipino's senses through TV commercials (as a Whisper endorser) hit sitcoms and top rating soap operas. Now this girl has definitely made a niche of her own and will continue to shine until the stars shine down.


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