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For the Best View of Your Hotbar...
Step 1
Go to your hotbar. Make sure that no other Internet Explorer windows are open.
Step 2
For IE 6.0+ users: Right-click on the toolbar and check to make sure "Lock the Toolbars" is not checked

Step 3
See the circled area? Put your cursor over that on your Hotbar. Then, click and drag the toolbar down

Step 4
As you can see, in the boxed area, I've moved the address bar too far down. The hotbar toolbar is blocking beautiful Quatre ;_;

Step 5
So, once again, you put your mouse over the circled area. This time, I chose to drag the Hotbar tool bar. Click and drag the toolbar down

Step 6
Horrahh! We got the Hotbar toolbar out of the way.. but ... The address bar is still covering!! >_< (So you're not done yet, lol ^_~)

Step 7
Now, you right-click once again on your toolbar, and select "Links." This will open your Links toolbar

Step 8
Now, as you can see, the Links toolbar has appeared, but is covering Quatre still >_<

Step 9
Again, with the click and drag. Put your mouse over the circled area, and drag the links toolbar down to the desired position

Step 10
I put mine here. Take note, you can also move your toolbar left and right

Step 11
Now, for IE 6.0+ users, you can Lock the Toolbars (To make sure things don't get out of place)

Step 12
Also, for anyone wondering, the Links Toolbar is based on the links in your Links folder under Favorites. You can edit your links folder by going to "Organize Favorites," and you can add links there.

It's an easy way to go to your favorite links without needing to go through your Favorites folder ^_^

Step 13
And.. Tada!! ^_^ It's all nice, and kawaii Quatre isn't blocked anymore ^_~

Yes, for some Hotbar skins, you will have to work with your toolbars to find the best fit for each individual one, and sometimes, your bar isn't messed up the way I came up with in this tutorial.

I made this tutorial so that people can see an example of how someone would change their toolbars around to make it fit their hotbar skins, so you don't have to copy every exact thing I do ^^ It all depends on the skin you have, and the arrangement your toolbars are in.

Good luck!! I hope I've helped some of you with this tutorial ^_^