Yeah, so Heather and I arenít friends anymore. The living together was bad, and Iím not going to go into reasons why it didnít work out (my fault as well as hers) because it would take forever, and going with the theme of the night -- I just donít care. On the other hand, Iím not going to take down her pictures, because we did have good times and honestly, she was one of the few good things about Freshman year. Some of our more exciting ventures included Cooper (whose picture has been omitted because I look like shit in it), the penny incident at Taco Bell, flower thievery, Trailer Trash Night, etc. She was the only one who would do completely random and ridiculous things with me, hence the reason she gets her own section.




Zeke and Heather


Cameron and Heather



Should you have any questions about the above incidents ::grin:: feel free to ask.



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