As shocking as it may be, I actually have completed a few stories, though there are many, many more which are nowhere near completed, nor are they likely to ever be. I知 really bad with the keeping interest thing. I知 getting better, though, I swear. I even finished a story I hate, which has got to say something, doesn稚 it? So, just to make this easier, I知 separating this page into three different sections: completed stories, stories being worked on, and stories that will probably wither the way they are.


So with that in mind...


Completed Stories


SiP (Stories in Progress, but it looks interesting abbreviated)




Neglected Stories



I swear I知 going to keep this updated, even if no one ever comes to this page. It doesn稚 matter. I知 still going to fix it.


Disclaimer: If you recognize any of the concepts, characters, etc, please bear in mind that I知 not doing this for any profit, nor are they for anything but entertainment purposes. Anything LJS related is hers, and I知 not even going to try to claim the genius for that.



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