She meets you with a smile;

Her eyes light up

Like stars

Twinkling and shining brightly,

A brittle mask hiding who she is.

Then it shatters--

A thousand crystal shards dusting down

Like rain...

Tiny facets reflecting

Everything she is and maybe more.

Scattered and lost among each other

Like puzzles

No one can solve

Not even her.

The pieces will always form a whole--

Even if that whole is never the same

Two times running.

The new girl

Is one you never think you know.

You wonder where she went--

The girl who met you with a smile.

Maybe you donít realize sheís still there...

But she is,

Like shadows, hiding in the dark.

You just canít see her.

She only lets you see what she wants you to see.

So what you know--

What youíve always known--

Is an image she chooses

Like reflections in a mirror.

She only shows you what you expect to see.

And so her eyes sparkle with mischief,

Like topaz--

Reflecting the light she sees but not whatís inside--

And she meets you with a smile.


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