Sometimes you might find yourself caught in shadows. Obscurity looms before you, as brilliant as a star bathing you in its blinding warmth. Shafts of light cut cleanly through the blazing gloom, slicing into the balmy heat with the sharpness of a blade. The light is colder than you ever thought it might become and the dark, though seeping heat burns within its core, is no more soothing to your frigid body.

You are at a standstill, caught between the golden dark and the glacial light. For although the sun shines warmly where it touches, the light has its shadows, too. They may be faint and beautiful to look upon, but they are no less deadly. Surrounding you, embracing you, they whisper to you to choose: the shadows in the light or the shadows in the dark. Perhaps you are filled with a somewhat hopeful desperation.

The decision is hard and the price of choosing may be fatal.

And so you stand there, caught between the two. Do not hesitate too long or the icy cold will creep its frosty fingers through your veins. The decision must be made. Be careful what you will choose, for both choices have their downfalls. The light holds beauty and no illusions, but the promises of mystery and intrigue lie far from being within its grasp. And while the dark may be seductive, you may too easily find yourself lost within its inky abyss.

They swirl together in a melee of confusion and clarity. Make a choice. Push away the dark or embrace it, but do not let the two weave their virulent spell. Already you may feel their frosty touch climbing through you.

Step into the light if you must, but the glow will not lose its chill. And if you step into the dark -- alluring, tantalizing, and promising -- you will not truly gain any warmth.

Know that standing still will get you nowhere and will change nothing. Perhaps that is what you want. Maybe neither option is appealing and maybe you are afraid of change. But you cannot stand here much longer without losing everything you might have gained up to this point. Choose…

Or walk away.


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