The rants are running/have run over my life, and for once, it’s not entirely my fault. Die of shock now, people. I am blameless. Well, maybe not entirely. As it turns out, my evil influence caused other people to write some after that one day of inspiration, when I wrote the ‘Boag’ essay. Other than that, my rants are pretty worthless, though some of those written by other people are funny. Hence the reason I will not upload my rants (other than the classic, ‘Boag’ rant) onto the page. But yay! It’s still exciting, because they entail comments about anything and everything, and especially if it’s random.


The rants:


Boag, I’ve really got to bust it out...


Chiquita’s reaction


Randi’s Ghetto Therapy


Randi’s logic


An anonymous refusal (aka, the boy rant)


Why I’m a Freak




The last of the links is the only one that leads to more links, and while they’re rants, they’re not exactly the same thing as the others. These were less focused on something specific, more general and written in second person, with lots of useless disclaimers because no one pays attention to those anyway. I honestly don’t know why I bother.



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