This page is going to be disgustingly small, as I canít force myself to work on more than one thing at a time. Itís been a kind of off again, on again thing, so I might actually have something else up in the near future, since Iíve been inspired by the song ďBittersweetĒ by Fuel, but thatís only a maybe. We shall see.


And I lied anyway. Iíve decided to do some original fiction, which may or may not suck, but who am I to be the judge of that? Iím just the damned author. I have no control over what happens with the characters, since they wonít even tell me where they want it to go...


The story Iím working on is:





I donít suppose I should go into a rant about how much I hate writing, and I doubt youíd believe me anyway, so I wonít.



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