Then weíve the poetry, which Iíve written none of in... Oh, several years. At least, I donít think I have, and if I did, I donít remember it. Most of this stuff dates back to high school, though I would like to point out that ďAddictedĒ is still my favorite poem, because itís got the most meaning for me. Rather, itís got the most continued meaning, instead of my being in a mood one night and busting out (not to be confused with busting it out) a poem.


In that alphabetical (as opposed to chronological, which would make more sense, but is beyond me) order I seem to love so much...









Je Fume (more really bad French; avoid if possible)


Like Everybody Else


Lost in the Mirror






Soul for Sale


Une Fois Encore(French and English, kind of alternating)



I really donít know why these are even up here, but weíll play pretend for a while and just leave them, because thereís no point in taking down the link.


And, on a different note...


Let me reiterate that some lovely poetry can be found on Jonís page, and another I like is by Cat.



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