it's so much easier

than showing

everything you want or are.

because playing…

makes it easier to hide--

and toys can be replaced.

not like everything you are

or everything you


I would rather replace

my toys.

I like to play.

the difficulty comes when

everything gets


when I have to give something

I haven't realized

it's possible to give.

playing's very selfish--

a protection if you will--

but selfish


sharing's much more difficult.

I could lose

so much more.

sometimes the realization of losing

is enough I can forget


I could gain

and it's not worth it.

even knowing what I want

I can't bring myself to


it leaves my soul

so open

I imagine

being stripped of everything

and exposed

and the same feeling envelopes me.

I just can't do it.

I'm unable to leave myself open…

even to myself.

getting close is enough

to make me hide

and find new toys.

I like to play.


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