At this point, I think we're all aware of the fact that "something exciting" is my mantra. Well, some of these links are. Or at least I think so. The authors are truly wonderful, both in personality and in talent… So go look and see for yourself.

Kiana's webpage features some wonderful young adult fiction… Some of her own as well as some fan fiction. Her lethal creation Blue is almost enough to make you wish nightmares came true… except for the part where nightmares are, well, frightening. Either way, he's more than worth it.

Mi's webpage also contains massive amounts of her fiction. The sheer mass of time she must put into writing amazes me almost as much as the stories do. Markus is her most godly creation to date, although in her current story, Terrence is running a close second, if he's not already surpassed him. We'll see…

Last, but certainly not least, is Kaelyn’s webpage, yet another author who writes truly massive and delectable stories. As with the other two, Kae is a “neighborhood” writer, which means she doesn’t abandon her characters after one story. Go, check them out... You can thank me for showing you the link later. :)

Then we have TTales, the website for a writing list the three above authors and I are on. It’s got a devastatingly large archive of stories, art, etc, many of which are definitely worth reading or viewing. Of course, I suppose it helps if you’ve read the stories the list is based on.

Let’s not forget, where you can find fan fiction based on some of the most interesting and random things. Basically stories about anything from music groups to video games, with some fantastic original sections as well. And, if you’re feeling nice, you can review the stories and make someone’s day. I highly recommend this (hint, hint).

And then you could always go check out Chiquita's website… Her name is actually Taylor and she's one of my best friends from high school, not to mention one of the few people I keep in contact with. I'm not sure whether her website will continue to change or not. For a while it was being updated from Argentina. Now that she's nearly back in the States, I don't know what's going to happen.

There is, of course, Jon’s page, which has some of his poetry and prose. I’m not going to say all, because I’m sure that would be a gross understatement. He is, at the moment, trying out a new style of poetry, which at times can be quite amusing. He even pacified me by changing the grammar on one of them. Be excited. No one ever listens to me, so this is nearly a historical moment.

Other websites that need to be mentioned… sent my male friends into a frenzy. I think some or all of them might still be addicted, but I'm not sure since most of them are not in Motown on summer vacation. If you've not been there, it's worth checking out for humor value.

My roomie Randita recommends because she never knows words to songs… Personally, I like to pretend that I know them and make an ass out of myself when I try to sing. "Try" being the key word.

And then, of course, there's always the fun and exciting WVU homepage where you get to fight with the course listings and, in reality, there's not much of value, even if you are a student here. Again, it's the humor value thing. If anyone wants to laugh themselves silly over where I attend Uni, here's the place to go.

More to come… Now if I would actually act on that instead of saying it repeatedly, life would be great. I'm just not so great with the whole caring aspect, so the page will probably not change anytime soon.